Interview with Fey

As many of you already know one of my absolute favorite sounds out there in our local scene, or any scene that deals with dark & dirty sounds, is that it’s coming from the blasting amplifiers of the explosive band Fey.  We recently reviewed their album Bye Bipolar around its release online at the beginning […]Read More

Fey – Bye Bipolar

Fey – Bye Bipolar – Album Review If you already know one thing about me…it’s that I’m listening to music all the time, from every genre we’ve created as a collective whole. If there are two things you know about me…you know there’s a secret shortlist in my brain that waits for certain bands to […]Read More

SBS Live Original Series 071

Find pictures of Fey from the sleepingbagstudios sessions at the links below! Album #0043: Album #0056: Album #0073: Album #0087: Album #0107: Album #0125: More

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