SBS Podcast 066

Gettin’ all kinds of loud & rowdy on this episode as we shift between the layers of Rock in all forms found throughout the independent music-scene. Come get yourself some sonic vitamins for your earholes! We got brand-new cuts from Closer and Omar Bowing on the show, plus all kinds of badass music from Kostis […]Read More

SBS Podcast 037

The lineup is stocked full of tunes to keep you warm this winter and the volume turned up on your stereo! Check out tracks from Melonvine, fAlterboy, Eleven Dollar Bills, The Future Exes, Jigsaw Man, 1FM and S.e Elliott & That Awful Rhythm, in addition to brand-new cuts from Dave’s Neck and Herman Martinez + […]Read More

fAlterboy – Blasphemy Album-Sampler

fAlterboy – Blasphemy Album-Sampler – Singles Review I’ve always been a fan of the idea of exploring alternative ideas and energy in acoustic or folk-driven indie-rock tunes.  Sounding much like bands I grew up loving & listening to like the short-lived Cold Water Flat or Cool For August…or something like Paul Dempsey solo and apart […]Read More