Endsightt – The Pioneer Mixtape

Endsightt – The Pioneer Mixtape – Album Review “You didn’t think I’d come back now did ya?”  Rapper, hip-hop artist and extreme-innovator Endsightt might actually be assuming too much there while loading his shotgun in the background of “23,” the first cut on his brand-new record, The Pioneer Mixtape – I wouldn’t have assumed anything […]Read More

SBS Podcast 019

On today’s show we honor those that came just shy of making our official top-ten for this year’s SBS reader-voted quest for Best New Sound 2016…all bands/artists in this episode made even making a list at all an impossible task due to the incredible year it’s been for independent music. So let’s celebrate that and […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 056

Awesome tunes on this episode with a full lineup of videos, music and spotlight info! Check out music/videos from Shmolts, DF3, Morning Fame and This Is A Joke Please Be Offended! Also featuring spotlights on the music of Endsightt, The Drama Dolls and Omar Bowing – and a doubleshot of tunes recorded by Closer from […]Read More

Endsightt – “Ghost Of John”

Endsightt – “Ghost Of John” – Single Review Inside of a week full of wild music and some of the best stuff we’ve heard so far this year, it almost seems fitting that one of the most exciting artists we’ve uncovered throughout 2016 would show up now – Endsightt is back with a brand-new single, […]Read More

SBS Live This Week 050

New Music & Videos From: EarDrumCandy, Matt Byron, Pawzilla, Animation1000, The Sunless Sea, David Devereux, Once More, Autumn, Whiskey Kings and Atomm -X-! Spotlight shining on the music of Endsightt – check it out!Read More

Endsightt – The Music Demo

Endsightt – The Music Demo – Album Review Let me tell you all…if I had a dime for every time an artist or band told me that I was about to be in for an ‘all-new experience unlike I’ve ever heard before’ – I’d be driving my lambo down the street and tossin’ dollars in […]Read More