Endsightt – The Music Demo

 Endsightt – The Music Demo

Endsightt – The Music Demo – Album Review

Let me tell you all…if I had a dime for every time an artist or band told me that I was about to be in for an ‘all-new experience unlike I’ve ever heard before’ – I’d be driving my lambo down the street and tossin’ dollars in the air – cause I’d be rich.  If I took in a dime for how many times that it actually happened – I might have a whole dollar…

…but THIS…this is actually one of those times.  I’m loving the combinations and sound of Endsightt!

I mean…I’m not going as far as to claim that what I’m hearing isn’t like…seriously NUTS…but I’ll definitely back it up as seriously creative and completely awesome.  It really IS a brand-new combination and unique set of sounds, rhymes, beats and point of view here from Endsightt.  Apparently the guy is on a one-man mission to change-up the entire game and change the industry entirely…and you KNOW I got love for that kind of ambition…that’s exactly what we’re all about here at sleepingbagstudios.

It’s impossible not to hear that Endsightt is clearly an innovative and inventive hip-hop artist…but at the same time, it’s also impossible to ignore the fact that really, this cat is a mad-poet at the heart of it all.  After rewinding his cassette to the front and flipping the tape on over, the adventure begins…

The Music Demo starts with the title-track from the record, and this wild-ride never quits.  What’s impressive immediately is the amount of questions that come flying at you as the music begins…and the stunning combinations of words & lyrics continues to grow, evolve and become increasingly thought-provoking from there.  Against a backdrop of music that sounds like part Jimi Hendrix & part James Brown – Endsightt brings the funk and starts dropping all kinds of ill social-commentary while explaining the story behind what’s brought him to your speakers today.  Because we don’t know him at first, the beginning of this record will definitely raise a few eyebrows; you won’t know how seriously to take the words and whether or not he’s out to be talking about money, drugs & ho’s – or if the entire track is a sarcastic crack at modern-day music.  Once you get right into this album, it all becomes seriously clear and “The Music Demo” becomes one of the more genius starts to an album you’ll hear this year.  Endsightt has got me believing right off the drop here, that June might be every bit as incredible as our May month was in finding some real art out there in the world of independent music once again.  “The Music Demo” switches and transitions with incredible skill and understanding of what it takes to truly captivate…the flow of the words is jaw-dropping, as are the lyrics themselves…and overall, this artist gets super-crazy with it all in one hell of a passionate performance.

Because a ton of it is true free-flowing thoughts of poetic-nature and dramatic performances…it’s going to be somewhat of an uphill battle for this entertainer all the same.  Listening to “The Plight” all I could think to myself was ‘will people get this?’  I’ve noticed I’ve asked that question to myself almost every time in those rare moments where I’ve stumbled upon some true art.  Personally – I completely dig the madness of his delivery on “The Plight” and how he works those vocals in response to the music as it plays.  Speaking on what ‘the grind’ is all about…of commerce, loans and the financial traps that the world around us tries to cage us inside of – there’s little to no doubt about the amount of thought that Endsightt puts into his words, but notice how well they really to react & respond to the music and you’ll clearly understand the amount of emotion and energy that he’s putting into this music he makes.

I mean…the man here, is playing this one completely smart.  A track like “Wolves” not only works thematically – but seriously…this is EXACTLY what it means to be passionate and EXACTLY what it sounds like when a real artist lets themselves loose inside of the art they create.  “Wolves” is a perfect example of Endsightt and the courageous way he throws himself right into the music to become a real part of it all.  The beat is an experimental one for sure…almost a tribal-meets electro here…as crazy as Mystikal and as skilled as both members of Outkast combined…and all with the knowledge and insight of a dozen philosophy books.  I would 100% listen to this kind of confident approach all day long and every night if I could – because I truly do love it when music can truly be defined as real art, and that’s EXACTLY what this is.

Speaking of Outkast…”Truth” will remind you of like, the funk-version of a track like “Bombs Over Baghdad” – and once again, the music plays a key role in the madness of Endsightt’s music.  Displaying an intense amount of skill on the m-i-c – it’s clear that he can light-up the words at supersonic speed any time he chooses.  After calling out “Truth” to quit hiding its damn-self, he spells out his own for you like he’s gotta fit an entire record onto one cut.  The music is seriously jammin’!  Gotta say…he’s found combinations in sound that I truly sit here, listen to…and completely admire for the uniqueness that they truly possess.  All comparisons or any sounds-like that might pop up throughout this article will only ever represent a mere fraction of what’s really going on here in the music and words, the skill and precision of Endsightt.

And like…the FLOW…OMG, the flow!  Listen to the transition between “Truth” and how “St. Peter” begins!  For you audiophiles out there…if this isn’t the kind of incredible skill that gets you instantly sportin’ a massive music-chubby – you need to go back and listen to it all over again…because that’s freakin’ GENIUS.  He talks about how he’s ‘got to be a leader for his friends’ – and believe me, he’s definitely carving out an all-new path – so I hear where he’s coming from there for sure.  As a person that has 100% felt that same situation arise on the road forward myself – I can appreciate that it’s not an easy thing to do.  Not everyone is going to get what he’s going for on The Music Demo…hell – a lot of his own friends and family might just think he’s full-on LOST HIS MIND if they don’t truly listen to this record with a musician’s ear…but I sure hope they do, and that you do as well.  What he’s doing on “St. Peter” is stunningly brilliant…it’s as bizarre of an assembly as you’ll find…but the world probably laughed straight in the face of Biz Markie too, while he laughed himself all the way to the top of the charts.  Real genius…real art…is rarely understood at the time that we make it…and sometimes you really do need to lead the way for others to eventually follow and blaze that trail.

But you’re only successful in that pursuit if you truly possess the amount of passion, dedication and belief in what you’re doing.  And that, beyond ANYTHING else, is what I hear in the music of Endsightt.


“Tabula Rasa” is another beautiful standout for the amount of questions it raises through its thought-provoking lyricism on what really does or doesn’t make us.  Singing in his awkwardly-brilliant style and questioning ‘what am I made of?’ – the music continues to envelop him, eventually seeking to swallow him whole as he raps with increasing intensity, answering the question with the skill on display every bit as much as the words themselves.  Quite simply – you won’t hear an artist like this every day…because they simply don’t exist as much as I might want them to…and the art of passion itself is highlighted at every twist and turn of this incredible album.

I had to pause for a moment when I wrote that.  The fact that this is called The Music Demo alone – is like what – the understatement of the year?  I mean…it might be a reference to ‘testing the waters’ of sorts…but I can certainly tell you that while everyone out there might not ‘get it’ – this is the kind of uniqueness that retains a music-fan for LIFE.  So…’demo’ it may be, somehow, some way…but in my mind – he’s doing things more correctly here than most artists and bands I’ve heard throughout my lifetime.  The kind of album that makes me truly proud of the independent music-scene and how far it’s truly come…and I don’t mind tellin’ Endsightt myself – ‘demo’ my white-azzzzzz bruh!  This is as professional as it gets.

There I go bringing race into the review here…but I’m not the only one!  When you hear “White Devil” – you’ll realize just how freakin’ fearless this homie really IS.  Taking on religion, race and layering on the social-commentary once again – I love how this guy never stops being thought-provoking and taking risks throughout this record.  Perfectly working in choir & church-organ sounds – this guy puts on a highlight performance with passion from the pulpit as he questions what makes us all ‘so special’ in the first place.  Impossible not to appreciate just how much work that Endsightt has put into creating real atmospheres that are as intensely unique track-to-track as they are completely skillful; and as he invokes a real evangelical-style of delivery here on “White Devil” – you get a real sense of how little this guy, if ever at all, falls or fails when pursuing his art with as much passion as he does.  He attacks it all like he’s truly got something to prove to the world…but by this point in the record, he’s certainly proven himself on all fronts.

Show me a white-rapper out there willing to discuss race & religion seriously in their music and I will 100% point you ONLY towards Endsightt.  Straight-up, no one’s been brave enough to do it…that’s just the facts – not even the ground-breaking whitey Eminem was really willing to put it all on the line like Endsightt is here on “Powers That Be.”  He says it best himself right in the track – he ‘don’t gives no fucks’ – and clearly, he doesn’t.  I think it’s brilliant commentary on how the world perceives a white-rapper…but quite honestly…I’m on the side of the world when I think about how many of them have truly ‘amazed’ me up until now.  There’s Eminem…and well…there’s Endsightt now.  They’re complete opposite ends of the rap-spectrum and both fighting for their right to be here, having to verbally convince the entire world listening that they truly belong in the genre.  He’s done that here, no doubt.

What’s truly rare as the white-rapper stunning the world – is making an album this consistent, that is this long…but STILL captivating at every moment.  “John Proctor (Live)” gets him ranting at Endsightt’s best…the music still killing it and his performance just sparks right the hell-up second-by-second with intensity.  After a moment of applause, it flows into what sounds like the after-party as “Merit” begins with Endsightt jumping into the circle and proving himself to everyone around him once again.  I honestly can’t imagine a world that couldn’t acknowledge the amount of skills this guy has – and so far, from what I can see is posted on the boards of his social media, it looks like people are generally appreciating this for what it is and the talent it took to bring it all to life.  At least that’s what I gather from the headlines I’ve come across…I’d never read an article from another writer before finishing my own – because much like Endsightt himself, I choose to blaze my own trail and keep my own thoughts as pure and untainted by what else is happening around me at all times.  Endsightt has earned an entire sash-worth of “Merit” badges and respect from me for his fresh perspective and courageous nature behind the intensely poetic-nature of his album on The Music Demo.

“False” if anything, was the track that I thought maybe I might not dig.  Musically it heads into a metal-esque sound you’d almost expect to hear from Green Jelly…so I can’t deny, that’s not always my favorite jam to spread onto my speakers and playlist.  It’s a bit jarring in comparison to the rest of the record, even as intense as it’s already proven to be.  While Endsightt himself has kept that intensity up throughout the album – musically, it’s been pretty chill comparatively…so the riff-rock of “False” took a few listens to get my head around – but again, props for keeping us all entertained on what is by no means a short recording session.  The Music Demo contains enough minutes, seconds and solid-material to have been a trilogy…and an unexpected twist in the direction like this towards the end of the record certainly benefits the album overall.  Ultimately, it’s not my favorite on the record – but hey, not EVERY song can be, right?  The performance is still brilliantly well-executed, still just as passionate…just a different style of music to support it that you may/may not dig…that’ll be up to YOU and your own earholes.

Speaking of sheer-length…here comes “5/5” – a track with so many minutes & seconds, twists and turns, different parts, switches and flips in its direction that it could literally be an album all on its own.  Whether or not it all revolves around the theme of Cinqo De Mayo, I’m not entirely sure…but I can tell you that without a doubt, the man lightens-up a little bit and allows that chip on his shoulder to slide away for a moment to enjoy himself by the beach in a sunnier mood.  Progressive-Rap…is that a thing?  If it wasn’t before – he’s making a case for it now on “5/5” – and like any track of eleven-plus minutes long, it roams through a lot of experimental terrain and bursts of brilliance.  The acoustic piece that begins just past eight-minutes in is a real highlight on this record; Endsightt takes his rap & poetry to a moment where he really begins to sing it out instead of spit it out – and it works!  He’s actually got a beautiful voice buried underneath all the aggression & questioning we’ve heard so far…and carrying this one out to the end of the song like this was something of a real treat to listen to & experience.

Diving deep into the impact of relationships and the toll they can take on a psyche – “Girl Or The World” has a fantastic set of lyrics that makes me appreciate the relationship I’ve been in for nearly twelve-years with my wife.  Speaking largely about how tough it is to find someone that will really support you in your art, or allow you the freedom to really pursue your dreams without restrictions…I hear where he’s coming from and I know I’ve felt like I had to choose between the “Girl Or The World” at points in my life, long before meeting my present-day other/better half.  I think the beauty in a real relationship that allows you to really go after everything you’ve got in your heart is that there really ISN’T a choice between the “Girl Or The World” – the situation, quite simply, never comes up.  It’s just life that’s shared…true harmony & existence, trust and love.  But have I felt like Endsightt has on “Girl Or The World?”  Oh HELLZ YEAH.  I don’t know of a single person out there that can’t relate to what he’s writing about here, from either side of the fence, male or female.  What I really did appreciate more than anything else about this cut, was just how deep it gets…this isn’t just creative-writing here…you can tell this is real-life experience and that the emotions on display are entirely real ones.

Still putting creativity, depth and innovative-ideas at the forefront of the material, even in the latest stages of the record, Endsightt reminds us to stay true to ourselves on “The Test.”  Excellently layered vocals sound sonically spectacular as he glides and rides to victory on one of the record’s smoothest cuts.  Whatever tests he’s been put through…whatever he’s gone through in life – it’s art like this album that really proves he’s come up with the right answers somehow along the way.  Whether he realizes it or not – he’s done an incredible amount of things correct to make it this far and create what can only be seen as a true achievement in spoken-word, rap & hip-hop all at the same time.  Flowing smoothly into one final energetic beat on “The Sign” – you can hear through his lyrics that he’s managed to shrugged off all the opinions of his pursuit on his way to creating the artist he’s truly become.  Debating whether or not he’s going to ‘sign’ his life over to what might potentially jeopardize his creative freedom or possibly damage the art that he constructs and creates – this is one artist that I truly hope remains free to roam amongst the talent of the independent music-scene.  No management team, no suit & tie is going to really ‘get’ this as much as the people out there will truly support it – and I hope those words ring true enough for him to go on boldly protecting and preserving his art.

Because this…was really one of those amazing experiences in music that rarely comes along.  Endsightt really IS equipped with ALL of the right tools to redefine an entire genre or style of music…the industry itself, as he mentioned.  The spoken word piece at the end says it all as plain as day…and as he ties it all in by name-checking the entire record through a final, powerful display of true poetry…you can hear that he’s going to be with us for a very, very long time.  His heart & his mind…his music…it’s all in the right place – and I truly hope this is a record you ALL spin and support, because this is truly what real art and passion are all about.

So…okay…I know I’ve said a TON about Endsightt here…but that all speaks again to the level of depth you’ll find on this album…and believe it or not – I’ve STILL got more I want to share with you.  When our show SBS Live This Week returns this Sunday, the 5th of June – I plan to do just that.  Be sure to check it out – we’re throwing Endsightt right into the spotlight and supporting this artist with every possible way we can.  Because we believe in true art at sleepingbagstudios…and the music, wisdom, delivery and approach of Endsightt on The Music Demo has absolutely made a believer out of me – and it will out of you too.  Mad respect and love for this incredible artist – he should be insanely proud of his journey and the art he’s created & delivered flawlessly throughout this entire record.

Find out more about Endsightt and SUPPORT him at his official page at Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/endsightt/

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