C3 Musiq – “Hot” / “Demons”

“Everybody wanna be a rapper.”  True that homie. From the Conundrum EP, C3 Musiq is servin’ you up a double-dose on a 2-for-1 special in his latest video that includes two cuts from the record, “Hot” and “Demons” back-to-back for ya.  In a display of true versatility that’ll give you an idea of what you’ll […]Read More

LIL COKE – “Demons”

Catchy, rhythmic, gripping, personal, & real – rapper LIL COKE releases some “Demons” on his latest single.  Presented by Greatonfilms, the highly-stylistically shot & edited video for LIL COKE’s new cut perfectly complements the dark vibes and thematic threads that tie this track together.  From this wildly personal experience relayed over the mic and the […]Read More

3Fortiori – “Demons”

Check out the latest cut from 3Fortiori – a stylistically & slickly designed track that goes deep into the low-end vibe to supply a beat that’ll stick with ya!  Combined with tight rhymes & auto-tuned hooks – 3Fortiori examines life & love and the danger of temptation on “Demons” – they roll through this cut […]Read More