C3 Musiq – “Hot” / “Demons”

 C3 Musiq – “Hot” / “Demons”

Everybody wanna be a rapper.”  True that homie.

From the Conundrum EP, C3 Musiq is servin’ you up a double-dose on a 2-for-1 special in his latest video that includes two cuts from the record, “Hot” and “Demons” back-to-back for ya.  In a display of true versatility that’ll give you an idea of what you’ll find on his new EP, C3 Musiq takes you on a journey that’ll dive deep into stylistic hooks on “Hot,” and combine that with an artistic & atmospherically-inclined cut on “Demons” to follow.  “Hot” never quits, and reveals the energetic & charismatic bars of C3 Musiq’s style on the m-i-c, surrounding the man with a vibrant selection of electronic sounds and big beats to keep the rhymes flowin’ at all times.  Conversely, “Demons” heads into artistic terrain, dialing back the energy into a captivating moment in time that highlights the diversity in ideas and sound that you can expect to find on the Conundrum EP.  Dig on this combination y’all – all-in-all, these two cuts prove that C3 Musiq is ready to supply all kinds of entertainment through the substantial difference found in each track – and that ability to create engaging music in multiple forms is a serious asset in his audio-arsenal that’ll keep the people out there listening.  The vertical visuals that come along with the video ties both songs on the Conundrum EP together to create one compelling experience onscreen, and gives ya the uniqueness in sound that your speakers are craving – check out “Hot” & “Demons” below!

Find C3 Musiq’s Conundrum EP at this link right here:  https://ffm.to/9wx7fjsfye

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