Daxton Monaghan – “Ball & Chain”

Daxton Monaghan – “Ball & Chain” – Single Review Man has it been a while or what?  Good to hear that Daxton is still out there, doin’ his thang and makin’ the music happen from his corner of the world over there in Australia.  Been over two years since we last had a listen to […]Read More

Daxton Monaghan – “I Don’t Mind”

Daxton Monaghan – “I Don’t Mind” – Single Review This is one seriously accomplished, talented and driven dude! Checking into the music and career of Daxton Monaghan reveals a guy that is constantly making music. Playing shows on the regular throughout the continent of his homeland in Australia, Daxton has gone on to tour the […]Read More

Daxton Monaghan – “Highway One”

Daxton Monaghan – “Highway One” – Single Review Yuck! You mean to tell me that good ol’ Australian singer/song-writer Daxton Monaghan has been rocking in some way, shape or form since the early 1990’s yet there’s no official Facebook page? Right now there’s one of those fan-posted fact-boards where you kind of have to cross […]Read More