Lurid Purple Flowers – “Darkness”

Lurid Purple Flowers – “Darkness” – Single Review Promoters.  I tell ya.  Who’s out there keepin’ me behind the times?  “Darkness” was released back towards the end of 2021…back before their most recent single called “On Your Own,” and definitely even earlier than the release of their Mania EP, which is now out online & […]Read More

RaR – “Darkness” Featuring Elizabeth Robinson

RaR – “Darkness” Featuring Elizabeth Robinson – Single Review All the way from the shores of Australia, EDM duo RaR are making waves throughout the scene with their new single “Darkness” according to what I’ve read about’em…sounds like the people out there are genuinely responding to this vibrant cut they’ve got.  Featuring the angelic sounds […]Read More

Arkane – Darkness

Arkane – Darkness – Album Review This is definitely an experience. Hunter Dollar, aka the musical-mind-of-mayhem behind the music of Arkane has jumped right off the deep-end…and I love it. This new album he’s about to release here in the Spring of 2015, Darkness, is full of dark-electro mixes and forays into dubstep and whatever […]Read More