D-mac – “Godly”

D-mac – “Godly” – Single Review As D-mac continues to ready his upcoming Godly Nightmares album, we’ve got our hands on yet another single from the 21 year-old rap-artist. We previously reviewed the track “Siverour” just last month…and for those that are curious, NO – I’m no closer to understanding what the heck that title […]Read More

D-mac – “Siverour”

D-mac – “Siverour” – Single Review It’s official…rapper D-mac has got me stumped with the title of this track. I scoured my memory…I googled it…hell, I even asked the cool-kids what the heck that word might be, hoping that they might know it as some slang of today…but I came up short on every attempt […]Read More