Suburban Vermin – “Save Me” / Issue #0

Suburban Vermin – “Save Me” / Issue #0 – Single Review For real…every time I check out what Suburban Vermin is up to they’ve got something awesome on the go.  I mean…it’s only my second experience with the music/art combo they’ve got goin’ on, but all indications point to a limitless well of creativity & […]Read More

Draw Hard

Draw Hard – Movie Preview – TurnStyle Films Here’s an interesting story about a guy I feel like I can relate to. You see, comic-book artist and illustrator John G. and I both suffer from a disease known as ‘resting bitch face,’ whereby everyone you’ve just shared a room with wonders ‘what the hell was […]Read More

Those Shadow People – Mission Accomplished

Those Shadow People – Mission Accomplished – EP/Comic-Book Preview I’ve often said that the ingenuity of the indie-music scene has no limitations…no rules when it comes how to bring attention to your art, your craft, your music… Today we have a genuine combination of these finer things in life, art & music; Those Shadow People […]Read More