SBS Podcast 076

Represent yo! A full-on collection of killer cuts that are determined to help you deny the end of summer & keep the party goin’ long & strong.  Bringing the heat to your speakers – you’ll find tracks from Active I, DTox, PRINS, Chames, Dominic Owen featuring The Love Theme, Dave Childz, Almost Owen, and Nouri […]Read More

SBS Podcast 034

Stoked for the show today! Actually got some vitamins in the host & I’m officially back to a vertical position & ready to play some killer tunes on the SBS Podcast. New music from TKO, MPG, Qualia, Mercury & The Architects, Joseph Sant, John Clark, Yellow Paper Planes, Chames, Armada Names Sound and MC² – […]Read More

SBS Podcast 030

On episode 030 of the SBS Podcast we take it into the independent Rap & Hip-Hop scene to prove just how incredibly solid it really is right now. Cuts from: Chames, The L.A.W., GiANT The Artist, Genius Picaso, Souleye, Chartt, Da Challenger, TrackSevenBand and featuring a doubleshot from an exceptional artist we’ve just been recently […]Read More

SBS Podcast 024

Tying the record for our longest-running version of our music-podcast so far – check out the latest episode featuring music from Carry Illinois, Souleye, Blackout Lights, Sonificade, Sevencore, TKO, Trevino and Chames – also featuring brand-new cuts from Life In A Tree and Kédence!  Find out what we’ve been up to at SBS that’s been […]Read More

Chames – Self-Actualization 2

Chames – Self-Actualization 2 – Album Review Great to hear this guy coming back so strongly. Not that it’s been all that long since the last time we heard from Chames; it’s only been about a year’n change since we first reviewed his album Siddhartha’s Revelations…but even if it’s it’s only been a short time […]Read More

Chames – Siddhartha’s Revelations

Chames – Siddhartha’s Revelations – Album Review Having no clue what I’d be in for with this album from Chames, when it first began with the 20th Century Fox theme music, I had to almost chuckle a little. Chances are – I figured from that moment on – or hoped rather – that there would […]Read More

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