Armada Named Sound – Social Media Sadness

Armada Named Sound – Social Media Sadness – EP Review It’s actually been a couple minutes since we last heard from Armada Named Sound – but that’s usually an indication of Spiros Maus hard at work cookin’ up something new for us all to listen to.  And here we are, back with a brand-new EP […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – “Life In Lofi”

Armada Named Sound – “Life In Lofi” – Music Video Release/Review Over the course of the past five years or so that I’ve spent writing reviews and listening to the music that comes through sleepingbagstudios, there are certain names that I’ve come to find are essentially synonymous with quality – and Armada Named Sound is […]Read More

Armada Named Sound – Electronica

Armada Named Sound – Electronica – Album Review Back instantly with some pep in his step, music-maker…summoner-of-wild-electro-beats and producer Maus of the project Armada Named Sound comes flying out of the gates at high-speed on the first cut “Midnight At Metropolis” from the new album Electronica.  It takes no time at all to realize I’m […]Read More