SBS Podcast 112

Our first episode in 2021!  Come get some independent music in ya! We’ve got an entire lineup featuring a stellar selection of fantastic female voices gathered from far & wide throughout the independent music-scene – tune in & turn up!  We’ll be spinning tunes from Hanging From The Rafters, Bees In A Bottle, Amilia K […]Read More

Amilia K Spicer – “Love’s For Living”

Amilia K Spicer – “Love’s For Living” – Single Review This year’s seal has been officially broken!  The award for earliest Christmas tune goes to… …Amilia K Spicer! After nearly five years of writing reviews here at sleepingbagstudios, it’s not like I’d be able to hide my opinion of Christmas music…many of you presumably already […]Read More

Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning”

Amilia K Spicer – “Fill Me Up”/”Lightning” – Singles Review So good to be back!  Truthfully, I suck at taking vacations and these past two-weeks or so away from the homepage have been tough, even if it was the first time I’ve taken a break in about five years here at sleepingbagstudios.  It’s not as […]Read More

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