SBS Podcast 061

The first edition of a new tradition – come check out the merry melting pot we got goin’ on in this new episode of the SBS Podcast as we take ya for a trip through all kinds of different styles, sounds, artists, bands, music, material – you get the idea, this episode is fully loaded […]Read More

Aidan – As Long As I Close My Eyes, I’m

Aidan – As Long As I Close My Eyes, I’m By Myself – Album Review I’m gonna take a different approach to this review.  It’s not every day that an artist like Aidan comes along, though we do see the guy more often than more I suppose…relentlessly creative & restless soul that he is.  I’ve […]Read More

Aidan – Self Portrait

Aidan – Self Portrait – Album Review The emotionally-based adventures of Aidan continue. If you’ve been keeping up with our page this year, you’re plenty familiar with the name Aidan by now – this will be the third record this year we’ve examined by the young artist finding his way into the scene.  And by […]Read More

Aidan – Catharsis

Aidan – Catharsis – EP Review You gotta dig this guy.  You just gotta.  It’s like an unwritten rule. Aidan is back up on our pages already for the second time this year – and there’s already one extremely noticeable change before you even push play; he’s dropped his last name for this next chapter […]Read More

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