SBS Podcast 157

Y’all know what it is! The SBS Podcast is back with your Christmas Rap, ready to wrap up 2023 before we head into the new year. We’ve got all the greats on this episode for ya – that’s right, all of’em! We’ll be featuring songs by Dutty Devioso, Nvsh, Kay L.A., A-B-E, Ahmen, DonDonTheGreat, Chef […]Read More

Ahmen – Per Aspera Ad Astra

Ahmen – Per Aspera Ad Astra – Album Review You know…if I didn’t know for a complete FACT that Ahmen is out there in this world, talkin’ the truth to anyone/everyone that’ll listen, each and every day…then I’d probably be like YO…it’s been a significant amount of time since we last had a new record […]Read More

June Wrap-Up @ The Secret Stash

Well look at that will ya?  Nearly twenty whole subscribers!  In just six short months! Who said it could be done, right? Did we feature your music at the SBS Secret Stash Of Stellar Singles in June?  You don’t even know, do you? We have endless faith in this project & know it won’t stay […]Read More

Ahmen – The Eleven

Ahmen – The Eleven – EP Review “I cause trouble…in abundance.” Sounds like Ahmen is ready to shake things up here in 2018!  It was pretty obvious to me that it wouldn’t take long for this inspired emcee to return after listening to his last record Timeout from 2017…I mean, you just can’t sit around […]Read More

SBS Podcast 043

Killer lineup stocked FULL of rhymes & rhythms from the independent rap scene – including fresh cuts from Da Butcher and Moncler Mellz in the mix! Your official show lineup includes: Ahmen – “Want It” Apollo Veritas – “Almost There” Featuring Calvin Rose II & Hi Marz N0va – “Along The Way” Moncler Mellz – […]Read More

SBS Podcast 035

Killer lineup of songs, tons of different styles of music and loads of information about some of the awesome things happening in the independent music-scene including discussing new stuff from Hip-Hop artists Timothy Dark and J Speed, Alt-Rock from Ex-Okay and the Indie sound is represented by new music from Dave Wirth.  Rounding out the […]Read More

Ahmen – Timeout

Ahmen – Timeout – Album Review I’m just gonna go ahead and say it…cause that’s what I do – starting any record with a Van Halen sample is definitely taking a risk.  Chances are, if anyone out there still remembers them, consequently they get to also remember how old they’ve become and how “Right Now” […]Read More