SBS Podcast 013

It’s about damn time we got into some fan mail and questions for the show’s host, Jer @ SBS!  Fearlessly answering questions that have been sent in from listeners and followers, join Jer @ SBS as he pulls questions out of a bowl and puts out some thoughts on what’s happening in the independent music-scene […]Read More

1FM – Wish You Well

1FM – Wish You Well – EP Review Is this just one of those extraordinary days in my life where losing isn’t an option no matter what genre I seem to find myself listening to?  Methinks so at this point…amazing music continues to pour in through the speakers at every second here today and I’m […]Read More

1FM – Burning Bridges

1FM – Burning Bridges – EP Review Hmmm. 1FM…I think…well…hmm…you know what? I think this band and I are hooked on a great many of the same things. When people have asked me in the past…’what music do I make,’ or maybe more specifically, ‘what’s the music I want to make’ my answer has often […]Read More

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