Sung Eun Choi – “Unknown Of World”

 Sung Eun Choi – “Unknown Of World”

Stunning composition and beautifully graceful musicianship throughout Sung Eun Choi’s brand-new single called “Unknown Of World” – this is an exceptionally mesmerizing moment in time.  As charming as it is captivating, Sung Eun brilliantly creates an outstanding piano melody, accented with just a sprinkle of strings in the mix throughout the background to give the atmosphere an even stronger, more dazzling sound when each element is combined – the sincerity & gripping emotion you’ll find on “Unknown Of World” is mystifying & supremely gorgeous.  Hearts & minds out there will certainly connect with the passion on display in this new single from Sung Eun – not a single lyric is needed with the expressive way this artist plays and communicates through music, “Unknown Of World” quickly becomes one of those incredible instrumental experiences that says more than words ever could.  I know I can’t possibly say enough about it – I could go on & on about the magnificent beauty you’ll find on this single, or talk about the remarkable way that it flows so fluidly through Choi’s fingers on the keys for another ten paragraphs & never get tired of listening to “Unknown Of World” for a single second along the way while I did – there’s a lot to love about the way this song has been played and the extraordinarily exquisite sound you’ll find.  Rather than spell it all out for you, it’s best to let the music being made by Sung Eun Choi speak for itself – track it down and give it a spin!

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