Sun Str8nice – “Mistakes Made Me”

 Sun Str8nice – “Mistakes Made Me”

This man’s got his head on straight y’all.

Without mistakes there’s no growth,” as Sun Str8nice will tell ya direct on his brand-new cut released just last week – it’s one of several quotes you could easily pull from such an insightful track that gets to the heart of the matter on what true personal evolution is really all about.  Conscious Hip-Hop to the core – I could listen to this dude rap all day & twice on Sundays – hence, we’ve got him postin’ up right now on that very day of the week for you to dig on “Mistakes Made Me” and give this cut the several spins it truly deserves.  Bump this!

I feel what you mean SunStr8nice – “that’s superfacts” right there for ya in-print brother – and I love what I’m hearing in this shiny new single here all-around.  Stylistic, straight-up Jazzy when it comes to the music and slick swagger & flow of the man on the m-i-c, Sun Str8nice puts on a verbal clinic when it comes to precision bars loaded with substantial meaning.  Detailing so much of what he’s been through along the way to become the man & artist he now is today – Sun Str8nice stands tall with confidence & stellar rhymes that deserve to be heard.  “Live your best life because I’m livin’ mine” – I highly suggest you follow the blueprint that Sun Str8nice is laying down here in his words, and proving by example.

Mistakes made me flourish, they gave me courage, that’s why I’m earnest, and everything I’ve got, I earned it.”  You see what I’m sayin’ y’all – this guy spits serious truth – and trust me when I say, the quicker you realize that’s exactly what it IS, the better off you’re all gonna be.  For as professional and on-point as Sun Str8nice is from the speakers to the screens on his latest single “Mistakes Made Me” – you can hear in the heart of his lyricism and the intensity of his tone of voice that he means every single word he’s spittin’ – and it’s through the strength of his conviction that you know he’s not just kickin’ it fictionally on ya – this is based on real life experience & he’s keepin’ it as real as real can be.  Maybe we might not see all the mistakes he’s made in the past – but we can see how they’ve shaped him – he’s a true student of the game of life, learning, leveling-up, and becoming a better person each and every day.  And when you get to that point…that position in life where you find an understanding that strikes the balance between what you’ve learned and using it to your advantage – you reach an entirely new plane of existence, where the lessons you’ve been taught are now ones you can genuinely teach, like this guy is with “Mistakes Made Me.”  If you’re really paying attention here – you’ll find a cut like this details all kinds of important facts that brought Sun Str8nice outta the grind & into the studio, where he belongs.

Not only is the star of the show here sounding awesome, he’s lookin’ equally sharp as he flexes his thoughts through the empty city streets at night & hits up a high class hotel while he’s out cruisin’ to the beat & bustin’ rhymes for your entertainment.  There’s so much to be taken away from an experience like this, with essential knowledge that is doled out expertly in every bar you’ll hear – listen UP and pay attention yo!  Sun Str8nice has undeniable skill – and he’s puttin’ it to WORK not just on behalf of himself, but in a genuine effort to raise the stakes & standards of the entire scene around him – and in the process, he’s setting himself apart from the rest through his fearless approach and hustler’s attitude.  Make no mistake – he’s firing on all cylinders and thinking on that next-level on how to connect the dots that add up to longevity and success, and a legacy of music he can truly be proud of.  Perhaps the most crucial message he’ll relate in this entire tale comes beaming right through the main hooks, when he spits, “You only gangsta when you do what you supposed to” – as far as my ears are concerned, never have truer words been spoken y’all – and by his very own definition, this single is absolutely gangsta AF.

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