Strange Fiction – Orange Pre-Release

 Strange Fiction – Orange Pre-Release

Strange Fiction – Orange Pre-Release – Singles Review

Oh MY Spain! Is this what you sound like? Why didn’t someone tell me this earlier?

The two new fantastic singles from all the way across the world have made it here for good reason. Seriously – Spain – you sound like THIS? I can’t get over how this inescapable sound & groove has yet to make its way across the water – these two songs, “Tease Her” and “Not Good Enough” are fully ready to rock you….and you…and you…and you. With a universal sound based in supercharged-melodies and crunchified-rock – Spain has found themselves a potential international superstar group here with Strange Fiction.

Now…let it be said first off – this album is COMING…and SOON. June 1st, 2015 – Strange Fiction will release the full set of tunes that make up their forthcoming Orange album and I personally couldn’t be looking more forward to it. Many of you already know – I can be TOUGH on rock…and mainly for two reasons; one being there’s so much of it, and two, of that entire lot there are few that can pull it off in new, exciting & captivating ways.

Strange Fiction…is one of the bands that can.

While “Tease Her” truly rocks, shakes and moves with sheer force & sound, they’ve done well to provide us all a sample with “Not Good Enough” providing a much more melodic rhythm…laid back…well, at least until close to the two minute mark when the band brings out a second-wind full of energy and upfront rock. The two songs possess multiple complex parts, some brash, some beautiful. Around the three minute mark of “Not Good Enough,” lead vocalist Carlos Palacio makes his final impact with soaring notes that ring out to the end of this exciting single.

The obvious question is, can the rest of Orange hold up to these two powerhouse songs? Believe me – come June 1st, you’ll find me looking for the answer to that question myself. If the other songs measure up to these two massive samples, we’re all in for one killer album. I cannot get over the absolute ONSLAUGHT and immaculate crunch of the guitars as Strange Fiction rips into the chorus of “Tease Me;” I could listen to it all day every day. Even better the second time around with a complete breakdown just happening before they explode once again. In the final twist of the tune, it adds what could essentially be considered a full-on second chorus in this song gifted with many hooks. Here, Strange Fiction become somewhat of an over-amped-up Bruno Mars to be truthful; which is a compliment from me. I’ve got love for Bruno’s incredible vocals…Palacio could easily get to that kind of greatness in time, he’s damn near there already; the song itself is a great combination of funk/rock that completely holds the attention in place squarely on the music.


It all works extremely well – Strange Fiction are going to turn themselves quickly into Everyday Reality if they keep the edge & innovation as strong as this in the years to come. “Not Good Enough” is full of emotion…at times almost reminding me of what Luba might have sounded like if they rocked “No More Tears” in today’s day & age when they hit those final, powerful moments. But again, the full package is here just pick an instrument – Joel Marco’s drums, Marc Martinez’s bass, Sergi Venteo’s guitars – they’ve all managed to combine their talents in a way, that for me, is truly making rock EXCITING.

Absolutely cannot wait til June 1st to hear what else these guys from Spain are bringing out into the world. Strange Fiction – consider it an official date; I’ve got it circled on my calendar in Orange.

Check this band out at their official page. There are facts displayed right there on the main page that as far as I can see…are indisputable. Have a look for yourself!

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