Stonebridge & K-Syran – “So In Love With You”

 Stonebridge & K-Syran – “So In Love With You”

Stonebridge & K-Syran – “So In Love With You” – Music Video Post

Here you go folks – you wanted some summer vibes, you’ve been searching high & low for’em, and they’re right here for ya, contained within a tight 2:22 in this upbeat collaboration between Electro artist Stonebridge and singer K-Syran on their new single “So In Love With You.”  Supported by a brand-new video that was filmed in the beautiful sunshine of Sines in the heart of Portugal – K-Syran brings the warmth to the screen while she’s dancing up a storm on the beach & in the countryside…pretty much wherever the music takes her when it comes right down to it – she’s caught the vibe of this song & can’t seem to help busting out the moves to her own song…and if SHE is, then it’s a safe bet that you will be too!

Word on the streets is that “So In Love With You” came out, and instantly began to conquer & dominate the Dance/Pop charts, rocketing its way into the top-20 on the legendary Beatport site instantly upon its release.  With the stylistic colors & multi-layered effects of the visuals in “So In Love With You, the video is equally sure to start burnin’ up the charts this summer, with this fired-up love-song ready to bring the beats to your speakers and the sizzle to your screen – you know you want to get in on the fun!  It’s crystal clear that Stonebridge & K-Syran were set on creating good times & great vibes that could easily be enjoyed by each and every one of you out there listening & watching – so you know what to do y’all, give this video a click or two up top and have a look at the song everyone’s been talking about this year.

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