Steve Mahoney & The Milkshakes – “Danger Zone 2”

 Steve Mahoney & The Milkshakes – “Danger Zone 2”

Reading over the quirky bio online for Steve Mahoney and the journey he’s taken to get to where he is will bring a smile to your face…dude’s clearly the adventurous type and definitely never shied away from any challenge – and he’s about to head into the “Danger Zone 2” with his homies in The Milkshakes backing him up.  While Steve has been no stranger to comedy in the past after having produced his own podcast, he’s taken a solid turn into serious terrain with the brand-new single “Danger Zone 2” – and he should be mighty pleased with results such as these.  Sometimes all it takes is a spot of magic for a song to connect – but you’ll find more than a moment within the melodic & emotionally-provocative new single from Steve Mahoney & The Milkshakes; it’s loaded with hooks from the music to the microphone and raises the stakes in the chorus to create a wonderfully memorable that buries itself deep right into the head & the heart.  Excellent low-end rhythm & groove, stunning backup vocals, and songwriting that brilliantly blends timeless reminders of the classics with a solid & curious sound that has more than enough of a modern twist through the combined talents of this massive multi-player band to entice the people in to listen – there’s zero doubt about how well this collaborative effort works together.  And…AND…it’s got a wickedly entertaining video to go along with it – check it out for yourself below and step into the “Danger Zone 2!”

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