Standing By… – “Fuck It”

 Standing By… – “Fuck It”

Standing By… – “Fuck It” – Music Video Post

Ayyyyy yo!  This right here needs your immediate attention y’all!

Props & love to the almighty algorithms over there at YouTube…I got switched onto Standing By… and I’m stoked on what I’ve found goin’ on in this crew.  No joke – these vibes are MASSIVE!  They keep this up they’ll be “gettin’ that green like Popeye” no problem…just like they’ll tell ya on this single “Fuck It.”

This ALL works, straight-up.  Three wildly talented emcees with an impeccable balance of strengths shared between the skills they bring to the m-i-c – they don’t just have the flow, they’ve got the content as well – have a listen to these bars!  Trust me when I tell ya, there’s no way you could miss the talent that Standing By… has with the way they flex finesse, swagger, and style on “Fuck It” and put the words to WORK.  Personality certainly ain’t no problem either – they’ve got plenty of that, and the wicked video they’ve got supporting “Fuck It” puts it right there onscreen for ya to absorb with your eyeballs while your ear-holes take in a beat so monumental, HUGE, and hard-hitting it gets the ol’ PH – you dig?

As in, it’s P-H-A-T by every conceivable definition – the professionalism & precision that Standing By… has alongside their gritty & menacing sound puts the complete package together…the verbal X-factor incarnate, right there boomin’ outta your speakers while they keep the visuals crushin’ it onscreen for ya.  Are you not entertained?  What else you could possibly WANT other than exactly what Standing By… is here to DELIVER?  Supported by BT Studios and shot by Happlesauce – “Fuck It” is the mood, the moment, and the anthem – all in one – and it’s a single/video you do not wanna get caught sleepin’ on.

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