Sophia Treadway – “I’m Good”

 Sophia Treadway – “I’m Good”

Sophia Treadway – “I’m Good” – Single Review

You know…there’s a pretty kickass story in the making here…

While I’m not usually the guy to cite this as the main reason…after all I’ve read about Sophia & her music & how she got here today…I mean…really, aside for her incredible talents & spectacular, it comes down to great parenting!  Whether it’s been starting up her early interest in music & Sophia singing by the age of only three years-old, or driving her to her first dose of recognition through a performance of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” (!!!) for a talent show back in the day, the fact that they got her into professional lessons to refine her vocals even more, entering her into national competitions, and eventually signing off on her partnering up with Indasoul Entertainment as she broke into the industry…all I’m sayin’ is full salute to the ol’ mom & dad for being there to guide the early days every step of the way, 100%.

Anyhow…I suppose that’ll suffice to fill you in on some of the backstory of how Treadway got to where she is today…but in hearing her music, you’ll understand what has kept her thriving over these past four years or so as a professional artist, continually on her way up & creating the buzz with new singles since 2018.  Piece by piece, you can see & hear how it’s all coming together for Sophia & her music-career; from her debut cut “Can’t Stop Thinking About You” & its video filmed in an escape room – like, she still had braces at this point and she was already crushin’ it – to her more recent singles “Beside Me” (2019) and “Not That Into You” (2020) – let’s be real here…every move Treadway has made has been a strong step forward in the right direction.  She’s clearly not taking this music thing lightly – she’s making focused decisions that are the right ones for her as an artist, she sounds fantastic every time she steps up to the microphone, and the material she comes out with continually proves she’s evolving her expressive style.  Slow & steady wins the race when it comes to longevity & building a musical legacy – it’s about loving the process & the journey every bit as much as the end results, if not more-so – and it’s crystal clear that when Sophia Treadway wants to drop a new tune, you can fully expect a quality cut because she’s got the right mindset & approach to what she wants in music, and in life.  As in, she knows her value, she knows her worth – and on her latest single “I’m Good” you’ll find she puts all this theory into action, creating a song that explores a brilliantly empowered theme that has her sounding confident & completely in control.  She’s not only good – she’s great!  And technically, Sophia’s still just gettin’ warmed up here…in terms of a lifelong career, she’s still got years ahead of her if she keeps this quality up and continues to drop tracks like “I’m Good” that have such an addictive dose of universal appeal.

Stellar video to go along with it too right?  You can visually see that Sophia’s got the X-factor & what it takes to succeed, every bit as much as you can hear it throughout this twisted tale of life & love she’s got goin’ on with “I’m Good.”  She’s already as professional as it gets…and at this point so early on in her career, there’s nothin’ else I’d advise her to do other than follow the exact path she’s on; it’s the right one.  The hooks & songwriting are bulletproof, Sophia’s got an excellent voice, and she’s got all the right instincts on how to use it effectively & make a moment like “I’m Good” connect with power & sincerity.  Beyond all the great stuff I could tell ya about here from the hybrid mix of Pop/R&B/Soul she’s got workin’ for her, which you can fully hear for yourself just by pushing play – the message & core meaning of “I’m Good” is not only important & relevant, but one that truly resonates & speaks volumes on Sophia’s behalf.  Essentially, this is a mature & insightful cut – I have no idea how old she is at this point in her career with such an early start & all, but it’s immediately clear she’s got wisdom well beyond her years – and better still, she’s willing to share it with YOU.  She’s in a genre & style where the target demographic looks a lot like she does, and goes through so many of the same experiences when it comes to dealing with life & love growing up – a cut like “I’m Good” is a bold reminder of when to say no for the right reasons, and continually hold yourself to a standard that you can always be proud of.  It’s a single that dives deep into emotional bonds and what keeps them strong, and the value of self-worth & what commitment is really all about…it’s Pop yes, but it’s Pop that dares to dive deeper than the surface level for sure.  Ultimately there will be a lot of young women & people out there that hear a song like this when they need that boost of confidence the most, and Sophia’s single here will be there to remind them that they have every right & reason to be direct about what it is they want in a relationship & to settle for nothing less.  “I’m Good” is an anthem of empowerment at the heart of it all, and it’s equal confirmation that Sophia Treadway has got the right mindset & talent to achieve major success, in life, love, and her music career.  I’m all about it – “I’m Good” is a single-worthy cut that has her sounding aces all around.

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