Skyy Royal – “I Be Massagin’”

 Skyy Royal – “I Be Massagin’”

Skyy Royal – “I Be Massagin’” – Music Video Post

I have 340 five star reviews on my google business page for RoyalKingTouch.

Well that obviously makes sense, we get artists rollin’ through here all that time that have all kinds of…

…hey wait – what?  Are we rockin’ a new single & video, or are we doin’ some advertisin’ here yo?

I mean…I suppose if we’re being real here, obvious advertising or not, if it’s gonna sound this good, sign us up.  Skyy Royal has got style for miles y’all – no doubt this cat has got himself hundreds of five star reviews and a whole lot of accolades goin’ on – chances are, you’ll watch the video and decide that YOU need a massage more than you had ever realized before this very moment.  Plus, to be fair, if you’re following those links like ya should be, you’ll find a whole bunch of music that’s been released by Royal out there online – “I Be Massagin’” for example, is produced by ØDYSSEE & Gatz2gatz, and comes from the album #MassageTape, which is just one of about eight or so records released by Skyy so far to-date.

That’s smart business y’all – pay attention!  Not only has the man set up a whole bunch of crossover potential that would see people gettin’ massages and gettin’ music from the same source, but clearly Skyy is also puttin’ in the work required to build up his reputation for all the right reasons as well.  This cut not only sounds natural as it gets for the X-factor talent of Skyy Royal – it sounds freakin’ GREAT – and if a massage from Royal is a tenth as good as this single/video here is, chances are there are people lined up around the block right at this moment waitin’ to get in for some table time!  Skyy’s got the vibe, he’s got the skills, he’s got the rep – and he’s definitely got himself a wild single-worthy cut that’ll have you turning up the volume as you cruise to that next appointment you booked at RoyalKingTouch.

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