Skittish – “Car Crash Companion”

 Skittish – “Car Crash Companion”

Here’s a true late-night confession for ya…somehow Skittish has escaped me for years, and yes, I’m 100% embarrassed to admit that after all I’ve witnessed.  Don’t get me wrong…I’m here to supply ya with a few words on their latest amazing single/video “Car Crash Companion” – but you see dear readers, dear viewers, dear listeners, dear friends…that’s just the thing – I mean what I say when I say ‘latest’ – as in, there are SEVERAL amazing cuts by this incredible band out there.  Here’s what I can tell ya I instantly loved about “Car Crash Companion” being my first experience with Skittish – and that’s the fact that it made both a completely memorable impression instantly, but also provided the perfect gateway into so much more that was out there.  All of a sudden, after viewing the wild antics & killer video that comes along with “Car Crash Companion,” I was like, fully locked into just about everything I could find online, and just let the videos & songs keep coming at me for what seemed like hours afterwards – and it didn’t matter what came up next, it’d be something badass musically & equally rad visually – what I am saying folks…is Skittish is fucking AWESOME and I should have been listening to them for years already.  Please accept my sincerest apologies in not directing your attention to them sooner if you haven’t heard them yourselves yet…but believe me when I say, this is a band you will seriously remember.  I literally cannot express this clearly enough…song after song, there wasn’t a bad one in the bunch – and for videos they’re claiming are all made for less than a hundo in cost…good lord…the creativity, imagination, talent, and uniqueness in Skittish is relentlessly entertaining in every possible way you can think of.  I’m beyond impressed…this band is equal parts strangely bizarre, beautifully melodic, intensely energetic, and justifiably confident – they’re blazing their own trail with astounding ideas and remarkably professional execution…and I’ll be happy to follow them all the way right down through the rabbit hole – I love Skittish!

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