Sir Donkey’s Revenge – “Villagers”

 Sir Donkey’s Revenge – “Villagers”

Well “what better place than here, what better time than now?

The comparisons to be made between Sir Donkey’s Revenge and Rage Against The Machine are undeniable – and if the whole music business is truly all about timing as they say, then the current resurgence of RATM should benefit this “psychedelic crossover from the alps” greatly.  Talk about bringing it!  Sir Donkey’s Revenge shows they’ve got the JUICE, and they put in an electrifying performance on their single “Villagers” – this cut slays, straight up.  Punishing drums, grinding guitar riffs, solid bass lines, and powerful vocals – Sir Donkey’s Revenge leaves you wanting nothing more than MORE VOLUME – and it’s entirely on YOU to turn up “Villagers” loud & proud, right to the rafters where the music belongs.  Perfectly controlled chaos and mayhem on display in this single…believe me when I say, Sir Donkey’s Revenge has got a track designed to amp you right the fuck UP with “Villagers” – they execute this single to perfection and attack this song from beginning to end with the pure power of commitment that fully proves this band is ready & willing to rock your face right off your neck.  Be ready!

Highly recommend checking out everything these guys got…tons of videos & music out there for ya already and it’s all rad as hell!  Find out more about Sir Donkey’s Revenge at the official page at Facebook here:

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