Sidney Breedlove – “Take It Low”

 Sidney Breedlove – “Take It Low”

Sidney Breedlove – “Take It Low” – Single Review

Hot damn!  Sidney Breedlove is on his way straight to the top with this single while you “Take It Low.”

Credit where credit is due y’all…I’m pretty sure I would have been completely into this cut based on the hooks alone, but when you put the fire onscreen to go along with a hot single and end up with a combo like this from sight to sound, you’re really looking at a can’t lose scenario.  One way or the other, and probably BOTH – whether you’re lookin’ or listenin’ – you’re gonna love this – Sidney did his thang with the song, Drew Mitchell nailed it when it came time to direct & put this video together…everything ends up supremely on-point from sight to sound as a result of their commitment to straight-up excellence.  Give this a spin for yourself – you’ll both see & hear what I’m talking about…there’s not a solitary second I’d change in the song or in the video – this is A+ material, and if y’ain’t feelin’ it, you’re just plain wrong.

What I think made the biggest impact on me, is the sheer amount of variety on display.  For real – again, whether you’re listening or watching, you get a ton of diversity on the mic and onscreen to support it – and there’s simply no way you won’t be completely entertained as a result.  Sidney flexes serious finesse and several gears as he raps his way through “Take It Low,” shifting seamlessly between quick intensity & slick smoothness whenever he chooses to.  As for the video, you’ve got all kinds of brilliant dance moves on display, quick edits and eye-catching scenes that can’t help but grab your attention as you listen…everything you’ll see & hear complements the vibe Sidney was going for, and makes for one seriously cohesive experience well worth turning UP for y’all.  For real – this is nothing short of entirely impressive from start to finish…I figured Sidney would be on solid ground from the moment “Take It Low” began, but to be completely honest with ya, how addictive this track became and how quickly, was like a whole other story.  Usually I sit on songs and albums for as long as I can before I do my reviews & write about’em…but every so often, a single/video combo like this comes along, and not only is exciting to the point where I wanna share it with y’all immediately, but I’m equally sure I’ll be just as stoked about it tomorrow as I was today, make sense?  I’m tellin’ ya that this is material that’ll hold up strong over time, and that I’ve got every reason to be as excited about it as I am – “Take It Low” is a quality cut!

Designed for the CLUB…believe me, I’m not gonna be the only person out there that’s going to be jammin’ this single at max volume – Sidney has created the ANTHEM for 2022…it’s just a matter of time before the people catch on.  Everything about this track oozes straight style from the lefts to the rights, and I gotta be real with ya, it’s rare to hear a single this stellar and come out wondering if you might like the video every bit as much, or perhaps even MORE…but that’s the level of greatness we’re talking about here.  Take the Pepsi challenge y’all…I promise ya, you’ll click that video above, and within less than five seconds you’ll be hooked into what you’re seeing & hearing and guaranteed to take the ride through the rest…and perhaps even more importantly, I can guarantee you won’t be bored for a second.  “Take It Low” is almost TOO well put together, you feel me?  Sidney Breedlove is in a class of his own & he’s heading nowhere but straight UP if this is the quality he’s putting into his career.  I’m a big fan of what I see – these dancers have got MOVES y’all.  I’m a big fan of what I hear – Sidney’s got bars that are stronger than steel yo.  I’m a big fan of the execution all-around…tip my hat to both Sidney and Drew on that front – “Take It Low” is exactly what you want to find in a single…this is how you draw an audience into your world, and entice everyone in to sticking around as fans for life.  “Take It Low” will get the people talkin’ at the very least – and chances are, it’ll get’em busting moves of their own as they listen.

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