Showtime Shegz – “Don’t Touch My Creps”

 Showtime Shegz – “Don’t Touch My Creps”

You can learn something new at these pages every day!  Like today for example…if you ain’t rockin’ the word ‘creps’ out there in your regular vocab, you’re about to be!  Showtime Shegz is gonna put the rhythmic hooks into his vocals & rhymes and make sure this single gets stuck in your head yo!  You can turn it up, you can watch the video, you can make yourself nice & comfortable while you do both – whatever it is you do, just don’t touch the man’s creps alright?  Though he doesn’t specifically go into the consequences of what might happen if you do (well…he might end up jumpin’ right on your couch and give you the Rick James treatment…, you can also see he’s passionate about what he’s sayin’ homies…so I wouldn’t cross him if I was you.  Check this stylistic cut out for yourself and have a listen/look at the new single “Don’t Touch My Creps” by Showtime Shegz below!

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