Shens – “Cold Water”

 Shens – “Cold Water”

“Cold Water” runs deep yo!

The internet is full of characters…and Shens is certainly one of’em!  You can search for official information on this artist if ya wanna…but we can save you the time & tell ya there are no details to be found other than mystery itself & nothing more.  Shens is a masked figure…a symbol…a human metaphor – but for what, no one really knows yet!  On this debut single/video, he dives into dark terrain that details the true story of a love gone wrong, and the horrific aftermath that takes place post-event…it’s a tragic tale that proves once more, love can be the most fragile thing we can share between us.  Peep this video too!  Dude’s found just about the most awesome place on earth to film the visuals, right in the dank graffiti-laced underground in like, an abandoned warehouse…somewhere.  Again, who knows where he’s from or where he’s been – Shens’ just getting started up…maybe we’ll find out in the future, or maybe we’ll never know.

This we can tell ya – if you read the description that comes along with the official post at his YouTube channel, you’ll see he’s choosing to use his platform for the greater good when it comes to “Cold Water” – and you know we’ve got love & respect for that.  He might get real dark at times with the visuals onscreen and the words of his bars – but he’s also making sure to point out where you can find the light of hope as well.  Dig this guy already!  Check out the debut single from Shens and have a listen to & look at “Cold Water” below!

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