Shel’Yailah – “My Heart”

 Shel’Yailah – “My Heart”

Everything’s gotta start somewhere right?

Technically, Shel’Yailah has been making music ever since she was three years-old, captivating & charming every person in the room whenever she had the opportunity and an audience to perform in front of.  Clearly that practice paid off; she grew up singing in church, discovering her voice, and years later, here we are – still young but older now, wise to the world she’s livin’ in, dealin’ with navigating her way through life & love – she’s embraced her natural talent and already become a complete powerhouse on the mic.  Need proof?  Check out what’s considered her debut track “My Heart” that was released officially in January 2020…and prepare to witness the X-factor at work – Shel’Yailah owns the spotlight with the confidence of a true diva that knows exactly how to get the most out of her vocal range and truly entertain.  Highly impressed to say the least – Shel’Yailah has a spectacular voice and tons of technique that sets her apart from the rest – hearing her conquer “My Heart” and deliver such a spot-on professional performance while knowing just how demanding the parts she’s singing would really be – I gotta say, it’s beyond fantastic to hear this single come out so flawlessly and know that the growing hype surrounding her music is 100% completely justified.  She’s got the talent, she’s got the tone, she’s hit the mark with memorable hooks – and she proves she’s outright world-class with her performance & vocals on “My Heart” – check it out for yourself and let Shel’Yailah sing for YOU next by clicking play on the video below!

She’s already got more songs & videos in-store for ya – make sure to find out more about Shel’Yailah & her music at the official pages below!






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