SEXSOMNIA – “Sexsomnia”

 SEXSOMNIA – “Sexsomnia”

SEXSOMNIA – “Sexsomnia” – Single Review

Just having myself a Canadian kind of day over here, sittin’ in the nation’s capital and doin’ my thing.  I was busy working on a press release for a band based outta the east coast in Halifax, called Where Giants Once Stood, earlier this morning…and here I am again now in the afternoon, inching closer to where our pages are based out of, with a band that’s just a stone’s throw away from me over in Montreal, Quebec, called SEXSOMNIA.

Alright…that’s probably one heck of a throw…but you get the idea – this is closer to home.

I’m gonna tell it like it is…like I always do – I could probably count on one hand, the amount of self-titled band songs that I actually enjoy.  While I’ll admit, I do think it’s absolutely freakin’ strange to call a song you’re gonna be rocking for the rest of time the same thing as ya call your band…honestly, that doesn’t really seem to explain why I find the vast majority of them almost entirely impossible to enjoy.  Even now as I’m sitting here typing this out, I’m wracking my brain to try and think of an example where a band or artist has pulled it off in a way that I liked in the past…and I’m coming up totally dry.  That’s not because it hasn’t happened – I know that it has on a couple of rare occasions – it’s more of a sign that my brain is getting old and that my memory has long run its course.  It is what it is…I’m older than dirt.

THIS however…absolutely makes the grade – I am a huge fan of what I’m hearing on “Sexsomnia” by SEXSOMNIA.  I still think it’s a weird thing to do…to name a song after your band or vice versa, however that whole scenario works – but if you’re gonna do it yourselves one day kids – make it sound like THIS will ya?  This is a completely killer single, and it’s the kind of cut you KNOW you’re gonna love instantly, yet keeps on getting even better from where it all starts too.  Ya can’t ask for a better listening scenario!

Full credit where credit is due – “Sexsomnia” is fucking awesome.  This four-piece band had me at hello as the song began and the bass-lines from Pat Gaudette started rumbling away with supreme rhythm & groove – no joke folks, what you’ll hear right there in what Pat brings to this cut is already worth the full price of admission, this I can promise ya.  Like I said though…”Sexsomnia” just keeps on building upon what’s great and gains even more strength as it plays with its ice-like vibes & stylistically slick sound – it’s the kind of song you actually end up feeling 10% cooler just for listening to it, you follow me?  You’ll understand once you check it out for yourself…but that’s exactly what I mean – just like I’m passing this onto you now, you’ll be equally inclined to play “Sexsomnia” for someone else you know, and the chain reaction continues on from there.  This is that underground cut that will add to your street cred as a person that verifiably knows what’s up with the latest & greatest happening in the music-scene, you dig?  Not only do I love it – I am pretty much convinced that feeling’s going to be completely universal.

What’s NOT to love about this?  SEXSOMNIA is rockin’ my world with Dark Wave sound y’all – so join me in LOVING this will ya?  There is absolutely NO dead weight here whatsoever – this whole band is crushin’ it, 100%.  From Philip Faith’s keys & the mysterious vibe he helps create, to Pat’s partner in crime in the rhythm section, Michael K Rien keepin’ the beat as precise & tight as you’ve ever heard one, to the SENSATIONAL personality they’ve got on the m-i-c with Zoe Page at the helm…”Sexsomnia” has everything it needs as a song, and SEXSOMNIA has everything they need as a band to go the distance.

It’s just so remarkably THICC with TWO Cs y’all…this band has style for audible miles and a sound that is a perfect fit for their combined strengths.  Everything about “Sexsomnia” is played on a completely unified front, and when considering the brilliance of the idea, writing, and structure that comes along with it…I’m tellin’ ya – they’ve got themselves a single-worthy song here that should be up for awards.

Dark Wave’s a badass genre to begin with…no doubt about that – I love how you can find such depth in this particular style of music that can merge worlds of sound like what you’d find in Post Punk with a more neo-Industrial-esque vibe…and then you get the ice-cold Mod-era cool to go along with it?  Amazing.  Detached in a way, but so damn present at the same time…like you’d assume it was made by machines if you didn’t see them rocking it onscreen with your own eyes, and know that such passion can only be human at the end of the day with what you’ll hear with your ears.  So…maybe not robots by any stretch of the imagination…but it’s probably still fair to say that SEXSOMNIA is made of superhumans.

I love this song, I love the video supporting it – I am completely 100% convinced this is one of the most engaging cuts I’ve heard this year, and one of the easiest I’ve found to enjoy in 2022 without question.  I might still think it’s strange to name a song after your band (or again, vice versa, whatever the case may be) – but SEXSOMNIA proves that the self-anthem CAN be done right when you’ve got the chops required to pull it off in a way that we’ve never heard before.  This is seriously exciting stuff y’all – I already can’t wait to hear more from this band.

I might just have to take a trip next door to Montreal sooner than later this year if SEXSOMNIA’s gonna be out there onstage rocking with music this damn good – I LOVE THIS!!

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