ScarfaceJr – “Fake Love”

 ScarfaceJr – “Fake Love”

ScarfaceJr – “Fake Love” – Music Video Post

Okay wait…I’m Canadian here, so lemme try and catch up & just see if I’ve got this straight.  Detroit’s not only got its own “Glock Club” – but it’s also got multiple color shades of hats to rep it too?  Really!?!  What a world y’all.

You learn somethin’ every day I tell ya.  Beyond the hats that this cat’s wearin’ in his latest video, in the world according to the internet, ScarfaceJr has been having quite the exceptional breakout year by every possible measurement.  Dude’s racked out 2021 with a series of gripping singles like “Motion Sickness,” “Forget About You,” “Saw The Town,” in addition to this particular cut, “Fake Love” that came out as the lead-track in advance of his debut record VERSATILE, which is out & available now.  AND…the man didn’t even stop there – he’s technically already got music out there newer than this, with his latest single “BUSTDOWN” just having dropped fresh onto the hotspots online.  Clearly ScarfaceJr is making moves that count this year, hustling his skills on the m-i-c in the thick of the hybrid Trap game, determined to establish his name & carve out his own legacy – practically overnight at the rapid rate he’s currently gettin’ music out into the world.  You gotta dig the work ethic first & foremost – but once you hear the man in action, you can’t help but respect the skills every bit as much.  When inspiration strikes and the talent is truly there – can you blame an artist like ScarfaceJr for taking it to the limits, and long beyond?

When it’s really your time, you lean into it – just like he is now.  You team up with other professionals, like he has with BLAME. MEDIA to rock a cinematic style video and get the visuals done right.  You start cranking out cuts from the lefts to the rights, and creatin’ mad content of all kinds to let all the people know that you’re here, you’ve arrived – and in the case of an artist like ScarfaceJr, that you’re ready to take the whole game over with music & vids designed to take him straight to #1.  “Fake Love” proves the man is thinkin’ about his career from every angle from sight to sound, that he’s genuinely willing to put the work in, and that he’s rockin’ with highly relevant vibes, swagger, and explicit style built for the right here & now.  Ain’t no doubt that the people out there will dig on what ScarfaceJr is layin’ down on “Fake Love” with the fluid rhythm of his rhymes, the strength in his bars, and stellar vid supporting his lead-single from VERSATILE – dude flexes verbal finesse & skills that you can hear, you can see, and you can feel, 100%.

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