SBS Separated 031 – Alex Rake

 SBS Separated 031 – Alex Rake

As some of you know I had the privilege of being able to be on a panel of judges at this year’s Battle Of The Bands at the University of Fraser Valley here in BC, put on by their campus radio station CIVL.  Not only did we see some amazing talent from the stage from many acts & artists, but we also secured some excellent talent to come into the studio to record this year, in addition to making a few videos.  One of the incredible talents we saw was the frantic folk-music of Alex Rake; the guy played mandolin, banjo and ukulele – no guitar for his entire set.  Here’s one of the songs I loved the most from his performances called “You Can Play With My Heart.”  He barely missed the finals in a very tough voting session in the last round – but if anyone out there can get word to Alex…let this guy know he RULES and we’d definitely like to talk to him again!  Take a look at how this guy lights it up!

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