SBS Podcast 021

Brand-new debut tunes from killer new bands/artists like Subtle Kind Of Murder, Stereoshifter, Toby Poynter, Headchange and MrOrijinal in addition to further exploring the music we know & love from Billy Roberts And The Rough Riders, The Affectionates, Vaultry, Salmon Friends and AZTEC – come get some!   This week’s official playlist includes: Billy Roberts […]Read More

MrOrijinal – “Grigora X1”

MrOrijinal – “Grigora X1” – Single Review Life in music is about to open-up for solo-artist/multi-talent Josh Payne, aka Diesel, aka MrOrijinal – this new single “Grigora X1” is the electro-jam to set the standard for the rest to follow in 2017.  I’ve put a lot of listening into this track over the past couple […]Read More