SBS Podcast 075

LOTS of changes coming to SBS!  Jer @ SBS takes a timeout on this episode to share the reasons as to why & fill ya in on what’s going on.  In the process – you KNOW we’ve got tons of awesome music for ya along the way.  Catch music from Thelma Ball, Freemoor, The Brilliance, […]Read More

Freemoor – “Alive”

Freemoor – “Alive” – Single Review THIS! Freemoor might just be the very definition of versatility and hybrid sound.  I am STOKED on this guy! “Alive” crushes…creatively, sound-wise, performance…you name it, Freemoor’s tapped right into the incredible vibes running through this single-worthy tune and taken every moment to its max potential.  With STYLE I might […]Read More