SBS Best New Sound 2016 Nomination: The Affectionates

 SBS Best New Sound 2016 Nomination:  The Affectionates

In a great year like this year was for independent music…my shortlist for this year’s top-10 was already bursting at the seams by the time it came time to add The Affectionates to it.  I am very guarded when it comes to the most recent releases that make a list like this, whether or not it’s a list of mine or someone else’s – it can be extremely tough to not get caught up in the buzz of a sound you really like at the moment but that you’ve yet to get the proof that the songs will hold up for another year straight…or even longer.  The longer a year goes on, I feel like the more careful you have to be with choosing music that’s more recent.

For the record – I have no worries at all about selecting The Affectionates even though I just reviewed their new record maybe 2-3 weeks ago – when things are right, they’re right.  I could audibly justify this nomination through any of the five stellar tracks they put onto their What To Build, Who To Destroy EP – talk about vibrant music and genuine emotion!  Even this late in the year…even with all the amazing artists & bands we’ve found along the way…The Affectionates still managed to quickly stand out through their extremely clever mix of sincerity and passion…they’ve written songs that truly mean something and material that is guaranteed to last – I know that I’ll still be just as enthusiastic and supportive of this band/EP over the course of many years to follow.  Because when you hear the authentic connection that The Affectionates have to music…you can also hear that we’re just at the very beginning of a big & beautiful adventure in sound.  I’ll say this…that instant bond and connection you’ll get from listening to What To Build, Who To Destroy is definitely no accident; The Affectionates are focused, ready – and really that damn good!  Proving completely that the power of sincere songwriting and performances that match the energy, tone and atmosphere will hit the mark every time – I’m not even remotely kidding when I say that The Affectionates is a band that could potentially be the one on this year’s list that could go on to change the entire world.

The Affectionates is one of ten official nominations to this year’s SBS Reader Vote for Best New Sound 2016 beginning Dec. 14th – congrats to this incredibly creative band full of inviting, beautifully-emotional & expressive sounds that instantly make an impact!

Find out more about The Affectionates through their official page at: and support them at Facebook here:


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