SammyG300 – Delayed Satisfaction

 SammyG300 – Delayed Satisfaction

SammyG300 – Delayed Satisfaction – EP Review

I’ll tell ya this much…you’ll notice the highly relevant sound of SammyG300 from the moment you push play and his new EP kicks in through the opening track called “What It Takes” – you really couldn’t miss it.  “They told me that one day I’d shine,” as you’ll hear the man tell ya on the record’s first cut…and if you’re listening like I have been, it sure sounds like that day he’s been seeking out is right here, right now.  He’s got that hybrid approach that mixes just about every genre into what you’ll hear in some way, shape, or form…it’s a smart way to go about hedging your bets as an artist that’ll draw an audience to ya in multiple ways, while also giving artists like SammyG300 the creative freedom to do whatever they truly wanna.  He could bend his music into Trap or Hip-Hop…he could go with the soulful vocals he’s got and flex the finesse of his hooks with an R&B approach…he could add a lil’ Pop into the mix to give his songs that extra catchiness for even more accessibility…he could give ya that Neo-Soul sound, or even go Gospel on ya according to his bio online – you get the point – he’s a man of style & many skills.  He makes a positive impression straight off the drop…and if I’m bein’ real with ya, it’s rare that you’ll find R&B/Soul this instantly insightful…that’s where SammyG300’s standing out for all the right reasons, and also one of the biggest opportunities to help evolve the craft on the inside of any of these genres.  “What It Takes” essentially proves he’s got exactly “What It Takes” immediately – this guy’s got genuine versatility and skill for sure, but perhaps most importantly, it’s clear he’s got perspective and a real point of view too.  You stack all that together with his stellar voice…he’s got everything he’ll need to succeed.

You can hear the resilience in this dude’s spirit if you’re really listening to what he’s got to say, and I dig that.  No doubt that people will have no problem catching onto the stylistic flow & finesse he brings to a microphone on a cut like “Left And Right” – but if you’re really hearing what SammyG300 has to say, you’ll learn quickly that he’s every bit as much about substance as he is about style, you feel me?  “Losing’em left and right” – SammyG300 will take you through a list of influential people he’s lost along the way & he stresses the importance of stepping up in their absence to be that leader they once were.  “Left And Right” details much of what he’s been through in order to become the man he now is today – and true to form, his music contains that gripping hybrid diversity that can’t help but make an impact & impression on everyone listening.  It’s more than entertainment…I suppose that’s what I’m sayin’ y’all – SammyG300 is authentically compelling…and that’s something he should be seriously proud of.  This is the kind of artist that has the power to move people with his words…and from my own perspective here as a music-critic & dedicated listener to just about everything under the sun, it’s truly refreshing to listen to someone that ‘gets it’ like SammyG300 does.  He knows he’s got a major platform…and ultimately, he clearly understands that “with great power, comes great responsibility,” as they say – and it’s because of that awareness, he knows it’s high time to put the words to WORK, and humbly lead the way to better tomorrows.  Not only for himself and his music career, but for one & all…leading by example, you know what I mean?  Listen to how he rises to grind each day as he lays out the blueprint on “Left And Right.”

Honestly, this guy is truly inspiring to listen to.  Listen to a track like “It Ain’t Over” and you’ll absolutely feel as refreshed as splashing a ton of cold water on your face to wake up – music like this re-energizes your soul, and has you looking forward to the next-level, whatever that may be for each & every one of ya.  In terms of accessibility, I’d argue that a cut like “It Ain’t Over” has that much more going on in its favor by comparison to the first couple cuts on the Delayed Satisfaction EP…it’s catchy, it sounds inviting – and most crucially, through a combination like that, SammyG300 is able to drop real knowledge bombs on ya and make them land with resounding impact.  “When you think you goin’ hard…go a little harder” is one of my favorite lines on this record, and one of the best pieces of advice I’ve heard within a song this year without question; it’d be my sincere hope that you’re all paying attention and following it.  The music’s great, the vocals too – the mix is clever in production, the structure & melody is brilliantly catchy & dynamic…and the message is bold & meaningful.  SammyG300’s a religious dude, and that plays a role in the music he’s making – I respect that.  We might branch out on two different roads when it comes to that particular path in life, but I’ve always had real love for those that are committed to anything in this lifetime, whether it’s G-O-D or otherwise.  So in that regard, this guy gets a full salute of respect from me…he’s on a mission to make lives better through the music he’s making & if religion plays a positive role in all that, you better believe I’m all for it.  “It Ain’t Over” though…far from it as far as I can tell – it looks like SammyG300 has had a busy past three years or so, but he’s still very much on the early side of his career when it comes right down to it…not that you’d know that by what you hear, just the timeline you see.  This guy’s just getting warmed up, and this EP proves he’s got what it takes to go the distance.  I’d be taking a real long look at “It Ain’t Over” and everything going right with it overall…this would make for a perfect gateway into the record for many people out there & a quality cut to become a lead-single.

“Addiction” ain’t all that far behind the accessibility of “It Ain’t Over” either in terms of single-worthy cuts…but that’s fairly true of just about every track in this six song set on the Delayed Satisfaction EP.  SammyG300 does a solid job here of looking back on what was, and describing that whole push/pull of relationships that don’t quite get enough closure to consider the past a complete case closed or feelings fully resolved…and I know there’s a ton of y’all out there that can certainly relate to that.  While he doesn’t quite spell it all for you out in detail – that’s fair…some things we gotta keep to ourselves and it’s hard to put the whole truth & nothing but the truth out there into the world – he does still hint at many issues and struggles that have gotten the best of him for a while in life without saying exactly what the problems he was facing were.  We’re left to fill in a few blanks for ourselves here on this particular cut, and I’m sure we’ll all come up with a few theories on what that final verse was all about…rest assured, you’ll come to the conclusion that whatever he was going through definitely wasn’t easy on him, and by the sheer fact of this song being created, recorded, and that you’re listening to it right now – chances are it’s fair to say that this situation is still affecting him in some way, shape, or form to this very day.  It can take a whole lotta time to truly get over those we spend our time with in relationships when they’re over…we turn to those temporary fixes, which SammyG300 alludes to on “Addiction” in order to numb the pain a little, if only for a while…and eventually, we learn that nothing will really last long enough – the real healer is always time.  Believe me when I tell ya, I wish there was a better method than that – but as I’m sure many of you have learned, SammyG300 included, it just takes time & space for the pain to fully subside.  With distance comes clarity.  What matters most is that when you get that next opportunity, in whatever it may be in life, whether it’s relationships, a job, or something you choose to do for fun…whatever – you have the ability to do it better the next time with the experience you’ve had in the past and the ability to learn from any mistakes made along the way.  SammyG300 will get to where he needs to go…you hear the focus he’s got as an artist & how strong this material is; even the fact that he’s able to write such down to earth songs proves he’s on his way to better things already.

“Bring It Back” likely deals with a lot of what “Addiction” did from a different angle, and spells out what sent SammyG300 down the spiral for a hot minute or two.  One of the shortest cuts on the record, you gotta give the man credit for being able to make such a memorable impact no matter how long a track may be…this dude’s effective, and pretty much seems to stand out for the right reasons in every scenario.  Goin’ short, goin’ long – it don’t matter if you use your time as wisely as this guy has been doing throughout the course of cuts on the Delayed Satisfaction EP.  “Bring It Back” has him flexing the art of the hook a bit more this time around…verbally showin’ ya how to make the rhythm in the rhyme create an audibly addictive vibe you’ll wanna turn up.  It’s about the pace, precision, and professionalism at work – and that applies to both sides of what’s happening there in the studio.  You’ve got SammyG300, who clearly knows how to lock it down on the m-i-c in a whole variety of styles from the lead vocals to what you’ll hear in the background layers – but the greatness you’ll hear extends fully to those behind the boards as well…players like producer Jacob Rankel & mix-masters like Alex Pacheco – everyone has put the work into this record and it’s something that we can all hear as a result of their efforts.  What I love is the fact that, sure…no denying it’s a short record, even by an EP’s standards for the most part – but notice how there’s not a solitary ounce of dead weight here?  Y’all regular readers know I don’t pull any punches…doesn’t matter what kind of style or sound you’re rockin’ with – if there’s something I feel like someone can be doing better on a song or on a record, I’m the guy that’s gonna say it here in print…because I genuinely believe that’s how artists/bands grow & evolve in what they create.  Not because I said it – I’m just another dude with an opinion – but honesty is what the scene really craves most and it’s so rarely given by my peers out there.  Anyhow…the point is…if I had any substantial advice to give SammyG300 or his crew on how to go about doing anything any better than they’re already doin’ it, I certainly would.  The reality is, they’re making music at a very high level.

I mean…at this point, it’s plenty clear – he’s a “Smooth Operator” – facts are facts yo!  SammyG300 has proven track after track that he’s got the juice, a vibe that is more than relevant for what’s happening in music right now, and a versatile style of his own that’s extremely well suited for him.  The music’s been tight throughout this whole record, even though it largely plays a secondary role in behind the magic he’s been puttin’ through the microphone – like, if you’re listening to a song like “Smooth Operator” up close, you’ll realize that there’s not a whole lot required alongside the main star of the show to impress ya.  It’s like an unspoken agreement…as long as the beat is tight, you can bank on SammyG300 bringing his best to it, and that’s been the case throughout this set of six cuts on Delayed Satisfaction.  I think the most you’ll find me conceding to ya about this lineup is that, there’s an argument to be made that it doesn’t finish on the EP’s most memorable cut, but it’s still every bit as solid as the rest when it comes to the performance & production – and if you’re listening to the words, “Smooth Operator” really does provide a conclusion to the storyline that runs throughout this record, which can be just as important in a listening experience overall.  No details have been overlooked…like I was tellin’ ya earlier, SammyG300 has ensured that there’s verifiable entertainment with substantial meaning to it flowing from the lefts to the rights on this EP, and songs that play with real relatable themes of life, love, heartbreak, loss, rebuilding…and ultimately, just by the sheer fact that this record got made – triumph as well.  He might have had to go through some pretty excruciating times to get to where he is today…but if you’re paying attention to the fact that he’s here now, doin’ what he does with confidence, and killer sound in the mix, it’s fair to say he’s come out winning in the end & he’s bound to surge forward in the future from here.

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