Ross And Dave – “Wash Your Hands”

 Ross And Dave – “Wash Your Hands”

The question:  “What do two out of work performers on lockdown in their NYC apartment do?

The answer:  “Write a song and do their part to make people happy and save the world.

Of course!  Makes perfect sense to us here safely in the bunker of sleepingbagstudios and hopefully what Ross And Dave are singin’ about makes a whole lot of sense to YOU too during these troubled times.  Listen to some sound advice from this comedic musical duo will ya?  “Wash Your Hands!”

“Written and recorded in a single weekend while in lockdown,” Ross And Dave have taken the ever-additive hit-single “Safety Dance” and made their own parody version to promote awareness for the precautionary measures we need to take to stop the spread of Covid-19.  Yes…technically it counts as parody…yes, it’s one of those short vids with a great idea intended to go viral (pun not intended)… BUT – there’s every reason to take what these guys are saying seriously while they entertain ya at the same time.  You gotta admire dudes like Ross And Dave that act quickly, do their own part to flatten the curve, and pass on a whole bunch of important information in a fun way that people out there will remember.

So props to Ross And Dave…truthfully they had me by the time “wash your hands how could not you?” came along, which is pretty early on into this tune…they already had me laughing and paying complete attention by fifteen seconds in.  Not only did I see a whole bunch of awesome moves to use while I’m washing my own hands, but I learned a whole new power stance to wash’em with serious confidence!  Join Ross And Dave in their quest to save the world in their own special way.  “Wash Your Hands” and watch this new video below!

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