Robert Vernon – “Firefly”

 Robert Vernon – “Firefly”

Robert Vernon – “Firefly” – Single Review

Heck ya!  I love it when my first reaction to a hearing a song in its very seconds is to rush on over to the volume and turn it up even LOUDER than I normally have it, which is exactly what I did with this new single “Firefly” by Robert Vernon.  From what I understand, the man’s always been a ‘sideman’ in his previous experience, either layin’ down the bass-lines or poundin’ on the drums in his past projects – which makes complete sense when you listen to this single and discover how connected the rhythm section is in this tune.  For real y’all – “Firefly” jams!  I was stoked to push play and hear something come out so significantly strong for a dude that’s just makin’ his way to the spotlight as an official songwriter now after all the time he’s already put in…this dude deserves some accolades and recognition from ya!

So…I’ll be real with ya…because Robert’s so new to the scene on a solo level, I know precious little about the dude at the moment.  What I can tell you is this though…considering the fact that the majority of his own experience comes from the bass & drums, it’s pretty rad that what’s probably gonna hit you first in this track are the additions made by the synth.  Think like…that bounce you love from Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” but played more aggressively tempo-wise, and with perhaps even less regard to how much of a hook it really IS.  No joke folks, it plays a significant role in how strong this single comes out and it’s absolutely one of the main elements that draws us in to listen.  As far as the bass & drums are concerned, that’s like…hmmm…how do I describe this properly…it’s like…like listening to the sound of confidence in action.  You trust it all right from the get-go, know what I mean?  You can hear the steady reliability in the way that Robert plays, and so while we hear it for sure, the elements he’s actually the strongest in playing end up becoming less of a starring role on “Firefly” as he explores the other pieces of his skillset to see what he can do with his music goin’ forward.  Which makes sense – you’d definitely wanna do that for sure; I love bass & drums as much as the next dude, but it’s always beneficial to every artist to spread their wings, flex their adaptable skills & knowledge, and really see what they’re capable of.  The synth elements of this song are wildly addictive, and the rhythm section is entirely dependable.

Where “Firefly” goes on to succeed even further and exceed all expectations likely comes straight from the microphone.  Not sure who it is at the moment…believe me, it took some extra work on my end just to even get Robert’s name at first, so the details are…coming slow as he gets going into his solo career.  Regardless, all that stuff gets sorted out in the wash over time & I ain’t worried about it – all you artists and bands have got a whole lot more important stuff to do, like actually create the music, instead of spending time worryin’ about credits & such.  That’s what interviews are for anyhow.  All I can tell ya at the moment is that Robert’s guest-star vocalist on “Firefly” is straight-up sensational, and that is this is where their collaboration is starting, I’m sure hoping it’s not where it stops, you feel me?  These two make for an exceptional pairing, and I genuinely love how they complement each other within “Firefly.”

This whole song has got the right energy and aura to it…serious groove you can totally feel right in your chest as you listen to the music, and stylistically soulful vibes from the microphone to pair along with it – honestly folks, you really can’t ask for a whole lot more than what you get from this stellar single here.  Would I change anything?  I’m kind of two minds about it…there’s a large part of me that absolutely wants to advise leaving this just the way it is, and proudly put it on out there into the world as is stands, because personally, I freakin’ LOVE the rumble of the low-end and pound of the drums in this tune as the audiophile that I am.  There’s texture and tone workin’ serious magic on ya here in this rhythm and groove, and the last thing I’d ever want is for that to not come out as strong as it currently does.  Is there probably a bit of room to dial back the presence of the rhythm section just a little to let the rest of the song shine and get equal billing on the marquee?  I ain’t gonna lie to ya – there probably is.  A couple notches back might give it a bit more evenness in that regard across the board, yet still allow the song to be every bit as dynamic.  It’s possible – but I’m not gonna be the guy to say this song NEEDS anything when I’m already enjoying it as much as I have been as is.  “Firefly” is freakishly good if you ask me…I want a whole lot more of whatever this is, and because I’m greedy, as quickly as I can get it.  It’s irresistibly addictive, it’s got a rumble you can feel roll right through you, and if this is where things are beginning for Robert Vernon in his songwriting career, I’d reckon he’s on the right path towards success.

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