Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine”

 Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine”

Rob Massard – “Shine Your Shine” – Single Review

Okay Rob…I’m into it brother-man, you got me onboard.

While it’s fair to say that anything with a ‘Progressive’ label to it is always going to have one heck of a time trying to figure out what the ‘single’ could be from any album…I feel like “Shine Your Shine” came out strongly on behalf of Massard’s style, and reveals his inherent connection to all-things-music.  There are some artists & bands out there in this world of ours where you can truly hear how sound flows right through them like it’s the air they breathe, and I’d wager a bet that Rob Massard is indeed, one of those people.  He’s got a brand-new record out called Ascension, whereupon you’ll find this here Progressive-Folk song called “Shine Your Shine” – and I feel like many of you will dig this dude’s dream-laden vibes.

I know that I did!  Right from the drop, the atmospheric aura and sweetened tones of the dulcimer had me engaged, and I felt like Rob’s voice was a perfect fit with the sentiment & sound he’s gently rockin’ with.  As to whether or not it’s what people would typically regard as a ‘single’ – honestly, that’s probably much more up for debate and interpretive…to me, that doesn’t always equate to flashy and catchy hooks, but much more so, refers to sound, or an experience that’s memorable – and this is that.  In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s downright as daring as it is delicate & soul-soothing to listen to; it’s rare that you’d find a track seven-plus minutes long released as a single to begin with, let alone a track that’s as gentle on your speakers as this one here is.  “Shine Your Shine” is a perfect example of how much things have changed in music in that regard; not every ‘single’ needs to beat us over the head for our attention, gain our approval, or keep us listening…what the world wants right now is real substance in what we listen to, genuine passion on display, and uniqueness to be experienced – once again, this song has all that.  From the sparkling sounds at work up front, to the superbly warm glow of the keys in the background subtly giving this song a majestic vibe, to the smart way that Rob has sung this song by not over-singing it…”Shine Your Shine” feels like a measured experience where no details have been missed, and all things have been considered.  My ears appreciate that kinda stuff…and hopefully yours do too.

There’s a lot that really makes sense about this track, and reveals its perfect harmony within.  Deep down, I highly suspect that this all traces directly back to Rob’s connection with music and how different it is from your average everyday artist/band…Massard’s got the magic inside him, and we’re fortunate to be able to listen to that coming out on a song like “Shine Your Shine” – it’s authentic and it’s inspiring.  Clearly he’d be every bit as aware of how a single like this would be swimming upstream or against the current of today’s world, so I don’t need to tell him that – it’s challenging to get music like this out there, no doubt, but on an artistic level, it’s extremely satisfying and rewarding to the nth degree.  “Shine Your Shine” is one of those songs that, when you finish recording it, you really stand back, let it hit ya, and appreciate the fact that you made it…the kind of song that makes the world a better place for having it.

As much as I was already enjoying the beginning five minutes, I think it might have been the last two that really brought this one home for me.  The use of strings, the vocalizations from Rob…I mean, this track is essentially flawless, and there’s not a thing I’d recommend him changing.  Just because a song might have a harder time finding an audience doesn’t mean you should just scrap the whole thing, or even make the slightest changes to it to tweak those numeric results online…do what you do the sake of the art & the craft, and people will always eventually respond to sincerity, like you’ll find in Rob’s music.  Maybe it happens overnight, maybe it doesn’t – that’s all six or one half-dozen of the other as far as I’m concerned…I hear a song like “Shine Your Shine” and all I’d recommend to an artist like Rob Massard is to stay the course he’s on, and let the magic of his mix of substance & sincerity take effect on us.  It’s too beautiful to be ignored and sounds like an experience to genuinely behold – big thumbs up from me.

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