Rashod Holmes – “Inside Your Love”

 Rashod Holmes – “Inside Your Love”

Rashod Holmes – “Inside Your Love” – Single Review

Well…to start…you gotta admire the intentions behind why artist Rashod Holmes created his brand-new single “Inside Your Love,” which according to his official pages, was written to bring “hope, inspiration, and comfort to a world recovering from a year of pain and loss.”  Cheers to that my friend, we all need it.

The official word on the street is that Rashod’s latest cut comes out on August 20th this year, right around the corner from now in about four days or so – and from what I can tell, he’s had a pretty busy past couple of years when it comes to his music career.  From sensational singles like “The One” and “Worth It” that came out in 2020, to the Reggae-infused vibes of “Move Ya Body (That’s Sexy 2.0)” earlier this year – Rashod’s putting himself out there & his music in a variety of ways bound to connect to the hearts & minds listening.  Known for bringing the romance vibe to your speakers and emotionally-charged content like you’ll find on “Inside Your Love” – Holmes is clearly unafraid to embrace who he is, what he’s all about, and what he’s feeling – and it’s through that high-degree of self-awareness that he’s going to be able to go on and help others with their own struggles in life & love through a single like this.

Which ultimately, I’d imagine is a great thing, and the real intentions of making a song like “Inside Your Love” – it’s every bit as much cathartic for Rashod as it would be for you as well – and that’s impressive.  He’s got a sincerely relatable single in “Inside Your Love” that’s not intimidated to delve into the many hardships we encounter in the relationships we have, while still recognizing the beauty in how love can fully restore the soul in the aftermath of real heartbreak & loss.  As to where that source of love comes from, Rashod deserves a lot of credit as to how he’s gone about writing this new single and leaving that conclusion more or less up to each and every one of us on an individual level to interpret.  You’ll read on his pages online that “Inside Your Love” is somewhat of a faith-based tune – and that’s completely fair, when you listen to it in that context, it certainly could be – what I’m saying is, he’s cleverly added even more interpretive value into this song that allows it to expand to everyone on a universal level.  As in, whether you’re religious, or you’re not – you’ll have no problem at all connecting to the sentiment here.

Chances are, the vast majority of us have experienced heartbreak in some way, shape, or form – and if that’s truly the case, then it logically follows that just about every one of us understands what it takes to push past the pain and rebuild.  Holmes gets this – and you can hear in his lyricism that he’s more than willing to take ownership of his past and any previous mistakes he feels he’s made along the way, but you can also hear that he’s got a hopeful spirit, an empowered mindset, and that he’s ready for better tomorrows through his boldest tones & the strength of the conviction in his words.  He’s sincere – full-stop really – that’s the real magic in what Rashod is creating – a song like “Inside Your Love” comes from inside, & through the vibrantly expressive way Holmes sings his new single, you can feel its authenticity.  Unpretentious and remarkably genuine, Rashod is capable of captivating listeners with the amount of soul & emotion he packs into every syllable – he knows how to make a moment truly real for all of us listening, and “Inside Your Love” is all the proof of that your ears would ever need to know that it’s true.

Would I change anything?  Honestly, I’m not really finding much that’s worth complaining about in any kind of valid way.  Mix-wise, I suppose that’s where I hear the most potential…but it really depends on what Rashod himself is looking to achieve.  Right now, that distance between the music & the vocals is something we notice a little bit more than perhaps we should; a singer like Holmes is always going to breakthrough to the top with the qualities of his voice & his most powerful moments – which means you can also potentially be more fearless with the music surrounding him, bring that up a little to support him even more, and get that much more of an all-encompassing sound out of it.  As it stands right now however, you have to factor in the particular style he’s working with here, which ultimately traces back to somewhere around mid-80s to mid-90s R&B/Soul if we’re being real about it – and in that respect, what he’s got here on “Inside Your Love” is stunningly true to that era of sound.  As in, yes – I can cite countless mega-hit records out there with production values exactly like you’ll find on this song here – so don’t get it twisted, don’t get me wrong – Rashod’s working with timeless, tested and true sound that people still love to this very day, and always will.  Despite how devastating heartbreak can be, Rashod Holmes reveals the rebuilding afterwards can lead to the most inspired moments we’ll ever know, filled with light & love & limitless potential for the possibilities in our future to follow – and that’s beautiful.

Listen to more music by Rashod Holmes & find out more information from the official pages below!

Homepage:  https://rashodholmes.com

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/rashod.holmes

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/rashodholmes

Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/artist/5GKKn4otJ0GuvI6H93qeU6

Magical Multi-link:  https://linktr.ee/rashodholmes

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