Radio Drive – “Cast Out Your Light”

 Radio Drive – “Cast Out Your Light”

Radio Drive – “Cast Out Your Light” – Single Review

There comes a point where you feel like you practically know someone by the sound of their music if you’ve been listening for a significant length of time.  I’ve technically been listening to Kevin Gullickson’s music in Radio Drive for nearly a decade at this point, and he’s put out some really great tunes along the way.  Like all artists and bands, there’s an ebb and a flow to the material, some highs and lows, peaks and valleys…it’s actually completely natural to experience some ups and downs along the journey of creating anything…it’s the difference between doing something we love because we love doing it, and striking while the iron is truly red hot with inspiration.  Sometime artists & bands simply write another song because it’s been a while…and sometimes they write a new song because they practically can’t help it.  Inspiration takes hold, you’re in the grip, and next thing you know you’re up all night long doing what you do, not just because you love it and have the passion for it, but because there’s a sense of real purpose, intention, and need to create.  It’s often inexplicable, but every artist knows that feeling, 100%.

Anyhow.  I suppose the reason I’m bringing any of this up, is simply because I feel like I’ve been listening to Kevin’s music long enough to know what the difference between another good Radio Drive song, and a great one is.  “The more that you show, the more that we grow” – you got that right my good man.

I can say with full confidence that this is without question one of the very best songs Radio Drive has put out to-date.  This is coming from a guy that has heard what I’d assume is at least ninety percent or more of the entire catalog.  From the refreshing energy it has, to the beautiful message it contains at its core, this is Radio Drive at its best and most sincere – “Cast Out Your Light” is a triumph and sonic revelation.  Love the production and sound overall, love the hugeness of the drums, love what Kevin’s done with the vocals throughout the song, and in this particular instance, I felt like his signature use of repetition was a genuine asset to the way “Cast Out Your Light” makes an impact on us.  So if you’ve read past reviews on his music here that have called him out on that before, understand that there’s a time & place where it works and that I’m not just being another hypocritical music critic – there’s real meaningful sentiment in the message within the lyricism here, and whenever that’s the case, repetition is usually welcomed.

Above all things, do what’s right to serve what any song is calling for, and you’ll be on the right path.  I’ll admit…when I first looked at “Cast Out Your Light” and realized it was nearly six minutes long, I instantly wondered how this was going to play out, because Kevin does tend to write with a lot of repeating patterns in the way he makes music.  That can be a very risky thing with every ticking second of a song – but when you’re doing what a song and a moment is truly asking for, there is very little risk at all, if any.  Instead of feeling way too long, you end up in this really beautifully captivating and hypnotic vibe in the warm glow of “Cast Out Your Light” that you’ll want to repeat over and over – like…I’d sit here with this song looping on my playlist for what seemed like hours on end, and if there was a way to have gotten bored of it, believe me when I tell ya, I would have found it by now.  The reality is, Kevin’s written a stunning song that feels timeless, spiritual, and all-out wonderful to have experienced…and in my opinion, it’s one of the finest things that he’s ever written & recorded.  You’ll actually feel better just for having listened to this song…and how many times can you really say you’ve felt that way?  “Cast Out Your Light” is soul soothing in the most perfect way.

Nothing but greatness here as far as my ears are concerned…this feels genuinely like the dawn of a new era for Kevin and his music in Radio Drive, and the start of a new inspiring chapter for the future ahead.

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