R3 – “Going All Out” Feat. Reeo

 R3 – “Going All Out” Feat. Reeo

Money ain’t the world, but the world do cost.”  Preach it homie – that’s #truth right there y’all.

R3 & Reeo are “Going All Out” in their latest cut, putting true grit into the m-i-c as they establish their names out there in the scene and in your speakers & screens where they belong.  For realz yo – take a peep or two of their new video and you’ll see these two in action, lookin’ 100% bossed UP and ready to roll out wherever their music takes them next.  Reppin’ their own official swag from the Damn It Boy Music label, and confidently handling their business – “Going All Out” reveals the focus you wanna see & hear in a crew of talent on the come-up.  Working with solid vibes, hooks & bars, R3 & Reeo extend this collaborative effort even further, giving it the added advantage of the expert direction provided by Riggs Films to create the grounded grassroots look that ties the whole experience together visually as well.

Ultimately, at the core of its message, “Going All Out” is purely about gettin’ after it & gettin’ it DONE, you feel me?  “Ain’t no way around it,” as they’ll tell you themselves – it’s the only way to go when attacking LIFE and a music career homies, believe that.  Pursuing excellence is always a great goal to have…you can’t help but respect that, and R3 & Reeo make it plenty clear that they’re not stoppin’ until they reach the top.  “To me & my team, this a blessing, for the competition it’s a curse” – that’s the right attitude you wanna see; that’s the confidence in a growing crew of talent over there at Damn It Boy Music on display in full-effect, for justifiable reasons of all kinds.  If they’re ready to put the work in, out-hustle & out-muscle the rest in the game and they’re focused on “Going All Out” from day one like they already appear to be…it’s safe to say there’s no limits on where their music could take’em in the future.

Find more music by R3 direct at his official channel at YouTube right here:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkrQBe4YOWWKh0zVBFgV73Q

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