Purplehed – “Burn Like The Sun”

 Purplehed – “Burn Like The Sun”

Purplehed – “Burn Like The Sun” – Single Review

The official second single released from the duo of talents that collaborate to create the music of Purplehed – I was really stoked on how this electro cut dynamically shifted around to structure itself in strongly captivating ways that really catch the attention of the ear.  “Burn Like The Sun” is a stunning composition that’s got seriously bold emotions and incredible power through performance, writing and overall execution.

The music is expertly assembled and produced…I mean seriously – this is SHARP!  The melody that begins to take shape in the verse expands perfectly into the build of the chorus and eventual burst of anthem-esque power that takes hold of the music.  “Burn Like The Sun” is technically a tribute to the former President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam…and in terms of the tributary aspect, I think there’s a lot to be admired about the uplifting & empowering energy in the lyrics of this tune.  I’ll fully admit…I started this review in a bizarre place compared to where I normally begin one…I checked out the lyrics to “Burn Like The Sun” onscreen before I’d even heard the song…and based on what I read, I honestly wasn’t sure what I was in for.  I appreciated the sentiment…I appreciated the positivity…but what I wasn’t sure about was the amount of lines I’ve heard in many songs throughout music’s history and whether or not what Purplehed was expressing were words they could truly connect with.

Again…that was before I listened…

Once I heard the way the vocals soar into this track and really bring the passion and connection to the words…all was immediately forgiven; you feel the emotion and power in the performance and that this moment for Purplehed is indeed an authentic and genuine one.  The explosion of raw power around the three-minute & thirty second mark is about as top-shelf as you can get when it comes to pure energy surging through the music…and it puts what’s already been an incredibly versatile & dynamic track over the top to a decided victory by the time the track ends.  The contrast of sound itself is spectacular; from the gentle & smooth approach of the verse to the chorus and the exotic & roaring-electro textures that fuel the energy in nuclear proportions – the transitions between these extremes is flawless and our ears easily stick with “Burn Like The Sun” as it shifts from part to part.  Serious credit to making each moment and every word have meaning, impact and real space in the song…they’ve done a spectacular job of exploring every inch of this tune and delivered a high dose of professional entertainment.

I HAVE to mention the video for this track…because “Burn Like The Sun” is definitely one of the best of the best that I’ve seen this year.  Proving that a simple, well-executed idea can often be the most effective one that leads us to our most stunning results – you get a mix of the ordinary meeting the extraordinary in the visuals for the new single from Purplehed.  It’s all about HOW this is shot…how it’s edited…how it moves…I mean…this is flat-out AWESOME.  Whether it’s the dude running through the city or the extraordinary dance-duo – the filming is absolutely stunning and the video is pure perfection.  I’m a music guy…I’ve seen a lot of ‘dudes running’ in videos…and like I said, it’s not necessarily an idea that reinvents the entire concept of videos – but the execution of each and every moment is about as pro as you could ever hope to witness or be a part of.  The ‘dude running’ in this video…I mean…for me personally, even with the beauty and mystifying grace of the dancers – it ended up being the dude running all throughout the city and the rapid-splices & cuts surrounding him that made this particular video truly captivating to watch.  Even if it’s an idea that’s been done in the past, the facts are that Purplehed is executing at a higher level than the rest in terms of production in both the music and onscreen visuals…and that to me, deserves some real credit where credit is due.  Purplehed has been vibrantly entertaining throughout “Burn Like The Sun” whether you’re watching, listening or both – this is a really well-executed idea that could have potentially been ordinary…but through the energy-charged & melodic approach that Purplehed has taken, they’ve made every moment rise to extraordinary levels.

Find out more from their official page at:  http://www.purplehed.com

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