PRINS – “Oh Well”

 PRINS – “Oh Well”

PRINS – “Oh Well” – Single Review

I suspect…that we’ve just stumbled onto another international sensation here today.  Born in Auckland, New Zealand and now based out of Christchurch – PRINS is bound for stardom as far as my ears are concerned; for a first impression of her sound from her second official release, there’s zero doubt about the impact that “Oh Well” instantly makes & just how incredibly tight everything is here from the music to the microphone.  There is a completely fresh energy & vibrant approach being applied here…this should be the kind of super-hot single that catches fire around the globe and establishes PRINS firmly within the music-scene.  If it doesn’t happen overnight, no matter; I have the feeling that it’s much more a matter of ‘when’ PRINS ends up being massive on a worldwide scale as opposed to anything resembling an ‘if’ – I mean, straight-up, if you can’t hear the magic she’s creating here on “Oh Well” then you’re probably just resistant to all awesome things and there’s probably not much anyone can do to help you.  For the rest of us…green-lighting a talent like PRINS and putting a track like “Oh Well” at the top of your playlist is pretty much a given – this fine lady is obviously destined for the big-time, this single is KILLER.

So let me tell you why that is, because I could write an entire essay around why PRINS is going to make it and why this song is a verifiable hit.  Musically, the production, editing, assembly, composition, _____ (insert description of more awesomeness found here) – you name it, and this song nails it.  The structure of “Oh Well” is brilliantly loaded with dynamic moments that give PRINS the spotlight completely, which she uses more than wisely with the vocal hooks she’s created for the rhythm & flow of this stunning single.  Everything works extremely well though…like she’s managed to give you just enough of all you could want as far as the sound of the music goes, with multiple parts all really giving her a platform to reveal what an incredibly stylistic & expressive singer she truly is.  Because as good as any part of the music is – and believe me, I’m loving it – it’s still the star that remains the star of this show, without question – PRINS puts in such an inspired performance on “Oh Well” that you simply can’t take your ears off of her.  From the lead to the backing vocals, she’s got a seriously innovative approach that’s backed by exceptionally spot-on tone – and perhaps most importantly, genuine attitude and real character you’ll remember.  The charismatic way that PRINS makes her moves on the microphone absolutely stands out – and I know it’s not just going to be me that feels that way, this is exactly the kind of connection between an artist and their music that the people truly crave and champion on their stereo systems.  “Oh Well” is loaded with smart songwriting and clever hooks from verse to chorus – but even if that was the case and this song was shipped to another artist somehow…do you even remotely think you’d get a performance as good as the one PRINS puts in here?  There’s no way!  It’s that indefinable magic that she truly brings to the microphone that sells you on this song beyond any other element – she’s clearly holding nothing back, she’s tapped right into the vibe of this tune, bringing out the melody, technique, and straight-up star-quality from every possible angle.  Lyrically, it’s sharp AF – and that’s the real brilliance in this performance from PRINS, because she gives it all the genuine attitude that the words were calling for – and in terms of tone & talent, good lord, she’s 100% unreal.  No joke – you regular readers here know I’d have no problem at all calling it otherwise were it not true – facts are facts here in the case of PRINS – everything about “Oh Well” screams superstar in the making.

To think that Alannah PRINS is just twenty-four is astounding honestly – she’s got an incredible future in front of her based on everything I’ve heard here in this single from her upcoming EP.  I mean, she’s just getting started and she already sounds not just like she belongs here, but strong enough to lead the way – PRINS is bold & beautiful in sound, confident and capable in the art of music, and clearly has her own identity & genuine perspective…she’s got ideas that make an impact and the ability to bring them to life perfectly through the way she performs them.  I’m tellin’ ya people…you definitely want to follow along with PRINS so you can say how cool it was to know about her way-back-when before she hits the big-time tomorrow; I couldn’t stop listening to this track and I’m positive many of you out there will feel the same insane pull towards the hooks of this song, it’s compelling amount of star quality – and of course the volume knob on your system to turn this cut right up to the rafters.  Awesome job all-around PRINS – you’ve certainly got my attention, and I have the feeling that the rest of the world ain’t far behind me.

The new single “Oh Well” by PRINS is officially being released on November 29th – only four days away!  Not even – it’s like three & some change by the time this review comes out – so make sure you stay up to-date on the details and find out more about this electrifying superstar about to set it off in 2018 by visiting the official page of PRINS at Facebook here:

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