Porcelain People – “Heart Thumping Like”

 Porcelain People – “Heart Thumping Like”

Porcelain People – “Heart Thumping Like” – Single Review

Well check out these two will ya?  The duo of Josh Thornhill and Fred Kalil out of LA are making some pretty damn sweet sounds as Porcelain People, this new shimmery pop-electro jam they’ve got goin’ on called “Heart Thumping Like” seems destined to find a lot of hearts, minds, & stereo-systems out there.  No doubt about it – these two completely understand the art of the hook and how to add genuine personality, sincerity, and emotion into the mix; listening to this single immediately sparked a growing list of the sheer amount of people I personally know that would love this tune.  And then of course realizing that if I know that many people that would dig it, then those people would likely know just as many or more people (ok, most people are much more social than I am, so yes, they would know more) that would love it as much as they do…and so on & so on until essentially Porcelain People take over the globe.  Seem like a lofty promise?  Have a listen to “Heart Thumping Like” and listen to the stunning amount of widespread appeal this duo have in their songwriting & sound…then get back to me with any complaints you think you might have.  I’ll be sitting by a silent phone, because there’s nothing to not love about this tune and unless you’re the hardest thug out there, chances are you’ll love every second.

Single-worthy tune, straight-up.  I gotta admit, there’s a completely warm glow to Porcelain People’s latest single that is so enticing & inviting to listen to.  Sometimes the feelings a song gives you can lead you to bizarre comparisons that somehow make sense…like listening to “Heart Thumping Like” reminded me of the easygoing & chill vibe of the sound of Toploader when it came to how friendly the sound of Porcelain People was.  Obviously it’s been more than a few years Toploader has done anything at all…but if you remember their version of the megahit “Dancing In The Moonlight,” I dunno…call me crazy, but I hear such a similar warmth and sincerity in Porcelain People, with an update on that sound.  TOTALLY different songs…I get it, I get it…what I’m commenting on is pure vibe, man; the atmosphere & the way that Josh and Fred welcome you into “Heart Thumping Like” as if we’re all old family friends.

I mean honestly, what does it take…five seconds or less to become interested in what you’ll hear?  It’s likely less time than that even.  The steady pulse and electro energy come out sounding smooth & sweet in the music…there are all kinds of rad elements interacting & intersecting between each other in the layers as the song builds.  Vocally, Porcelain People reveal the balance that exists in this band is truly a double-threat all the way through this project – they’re on just as solid ground with the singing in this band as they are with the music.  Melody-wise, c’mon people – listen to that vocal-flow will ya?  Like I was hinting at earlier on, that’s the art of the hook right there on full-display is what that is.

But Jer @ SBS,” you ask, “is it the verse or the chorus you’re talking about?

Let me state for the record if you’re asking that question it’s a clear indication you’ve yet to hear the song, or you’d already know full-well that “Heart Thumping Like” continues to display the insane amount of balance in this duo by having a verse that’s just as addictive as the chorus is.  TOLD YOU – double-threat, all the way down the line with these two.  I suppose you can still argue that they give it that one extra drip of audible-honey to create the magical vibe of the chorus and the anthem-style sing-along feeling it creates…but by that same token, I’d make you acknowledge just how much the melody and flow of the verse really pulls you in to get you to that point in the first place!  I’m tellin’ ya – it’s all about balance here in Porcelain People…and it’s that level of focus they put into their music and freedom of expression you’ll hear in a song like “Heart Thumping Like” that is bound to carry this duo far & wide to listeners all over the place.  You can hear how well this single would already work on the dance-floor…you just wait until DJ’s and remixers out there hear this one and start mixing this into their sets, because that’s a genuine possibility here.  There’s a timeless ‘togetherness’ you can hear in this tune…a song truly designed for good times & sharing the moment with the people you love.  Certainly worth turning up and definitely a vibe & experience you’ll want to repeat.  I think Porcelain People are onto something truly special with their music – and if you listen to the vibrant melody, sincerity, & pure joy running through their single “Heart Thumping Like,” you’re bound to come to that same conclusion.

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