PoonieLo – “Boss”

 PoonieLo – “Boss”

Respect to any video out there like this turnin’ middle fingers up to the sky within ten seconds or less yo!

PoonieLo IS a “Boss” – just like he’s claimin’ in his latest single, straight-up.  How do we know that for a fact, you ask?  PEEP THIS VID homies – it’ll be all the proof you need.  Dude’s got his smoke on, his crew surroundin’ him, dance-moves are being busted out all over the place, and he’s turned the streets where he’s livin’ into an all-out party – for real y’all, this is how you do it!  “Boss” is entertainment from the moment it starts – not only does PoonieLo have himself a solid single to listen to, but the video he’s put together, shot by Jean Lamont, is edited right to the nines and perfectly put together.  Just that hint of effects to set it off – but you can already see, even without’em, the man supplies entertainment the people truly wanna get in on – PoonieLo is rockin’ with the whole neighborhood in the video for “Boss” – it’s the kind of serious fun that you know everybody wants to be a part of.  From the youngbloods to the old, this artist has got the block party started – now it’s up to you to check it out, turn the track UP, and carry it on til the break of dawn & beyond – check out PoonieLo’s latest joint “Boss” below!

Find out more about PoonieLo at his official page at the Gram here:  https://www.instagram.com/ptlgpoonielo/

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