Plike – “SYZYGY” Feat. The Fair Attempts

 Plike – “SYZYGY” Feat. The Fair Attempts

As you’d Plike-ly expect by now – the master of contrast between the light & the dark has always got something extraordinary for ya.

Seems that the mysterious musical mind of Mad Madam Em from Plike is back in fine form once again for you all in 2019 – she’s always up to incredible stuff – and of course, her brand-new video for her latest single “SYZYGY” is no exception to the beautifully twisted standards this electro-based project of hers have set in the past.  She’s thrilled us here at SBS over the years with her stunning use of atmosphere & texture, drifting brilliantly between hybrid compositions that impress through the gorgeous sounds & sonic tapestries she creates, and the all-out eerie way her songs can continue to cling to your bones long after the music has stopped.  Not that it ever really does, for the record – we’ve spun several of her songs on the SBS Podcast, and Plike is never far from our stereo-system here; we’ve had the good fortune & honor to not only interview Mad Madam Em in the past at our pages, but also review pivotal records in her career along the way such as Red Queen, White Queen (2016) and her Dark Place EP from last year.   And believe me, that’s not all she’s up to!  Since we’ve first stumbled upon Plike’s music some three years ago now, in that same time-frame, she’s also released records like the Bending Spoons EP (2017) and an album called Seven that came out at the end of 2018.  True to form as one of today’s hardest working artists out there in the independent scene, Plike is back to entertain your eyeballs & ear-holes with a brand-new record this year, called De Anima, which contains this killer sensory experience called “SYZYGY” featuring The Fair Attempts.  Imagine, if you will, that the show Black Mirror was an artist…and chances are you’d come out with something as close to the gripping way Mad Madam Em wields her powers as Plike…she gives you a glimpse of a possible dystopian future, while haunting you with the reality & ghosts of our past – and all at the same time!

This new single from De Anima has her sounding at the top of her game once again – and shout-out to Friendly Timo of The Fair Attempts for the incredible contribution made to “SYZYGY” as well – everything you’ll find from the music/vocals works-in that breathtaking-level of focus & dark musical-magic that Plike is so well known & respected for.  LISTEN to the amazing production, spine-tingling melody, & her use of space will ya?  Plike reveals how the digital-world & our humanity overlap & cross paths in the video supporting “SYZYGY,” with noteworthy direction supplied by Natalie Bible’ – another incredible artist in the industry who has had her work shown in just about every corner of the world.  And what do we always tell ya here?  Talent attracts talent right?  If you’re interested & invested in your music at the level that Plike is, you can absolutely end up working with equally high-caliber artists from all over the place – and considering how many different ways we’ve seen & heard Mad Madam Em collaborate & create with others over these past several years, you can easily see the level of respect people have for the insightful way she approaches her material, and how Plike is second to none when it comes to attention to detail.  “SYZYGY” is another wonderful glimpse into the mysterious world of sound she creates, supported by 100% compelling visuals that perfectly compliment this entire vibe – check it out!

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