Pioneer – “Dinero”

 Pioneer – “Dinero”

Pioneer – “Dinero” – Single Review

Before we get to far into here, let me confirm it for ya, yep – it’s about what you think it is.

If the quote from Robert DeNiro on the cover of this single at Soundcloud didn’t already give it away, the write-up that comes along with it would likely fill in those gaps for ya pretty damn quick – in the description that comes with the song, it reads:  “Proclamation of appreciations and money counting theme.”  Seems fair enough to me…maybe it’s like some sort of monetary karmic type-thing…maybe if you write about money, you get money?  If that’s the formula for musical alchemy, then sign me up.

Pioneer “don’t do checks” though…that’s the wrong kinda paper…he’s interested in stackin’ cash on his new single “Dinero.”  Working a versatile flow that includes a slow-burning Trap/Rap/Club-sound combo goin’ on, Pioneer has multiple hooks firing-off at max power throughout this cut to make a memorable impact on ya.  The modern-day relevant sound here is undeniable, that much is clear before twenty seconds have even gone by…solid job the production from Lawless all the way through; dude gets the best out of these low-end vibes…it’s a minimalist design in the music for sure, but no corners have been cut here.

First of all…LISTEN to the personality coming through the microphone!  This matters SO MUCH in this particular genre, words can’t even express how much to do it justice…but this is the kind of performance that raises the level of a song from good to great.  Part of that is due to the strong versatility from Pioneer as he moves from bar to bar, switching it up & transitioning flawlessly, keeping the structure bending to his will and proving within one song that he’s got a ton to offer the scene with the skills he’s flexing & the finesse he’s puttin’ in.  As IF you needed to be given more reasons to hit this track up already – I’ll give ya a few more.  We’re talking about verses that completely hit the mark with remarkable versatility and eyebrow-raising lyricism along the way…we’re talking about a chorus that reveals an incredibly strong hook from Pioneer…we’re talking about a sample-hook in the mix as well that he gets to bounce off of in the chorus, with the backing-vocals audibly just as on-point as literally everything else you’ll hear.  Inside of the genre or from the outside – it doesn’t matter – when you hear an artist that’s dialed-in to their talent 100%, you hear results like you’ll hear from Pioneer on “Dinero.”

Each time I gave this track a spin, I felt stronger about it…I mean, this dude started on solid ground to begin with, but every time I listened to “Dinero” I felt those hooks from all angles pulling me in more.  Like, listen to the way this guy flows through the verses…notice the way he often pairs a note that’s high-up with deadly low-tones on the mic right afterwards…details like this are actually seriously cool and Pioneer exploring his range throughout this entire song is a large part of why it connects.  Don’t let the auto-tuner fool ya…the range is all his…any digital enhancements here are for stylistic purposes only – Pioneer is the kind of artist that wouldn’t need to rely on anything other than his own talent, focus, and determination to get him exactly where he wants to go with his music & career.  As far as his new single “Dinero” goes – this is money in the bank, straight-up…not a damn thing I’d change about it and I’ve been relentlessly impressed by how well this cut has clicked together from the lefts to the rights.  You just can’t beat the charisma & personality that slide right through the microphone, onto the beat, through the speakers, and right on into your ears…Pioneer makes all kinds of moves that matter on “Dinero” & confidently flexes a powerfully rounded-out skillset that should put other emcees on notice.

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