Oxaï Roura – “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)”/”Defying Gravity” Feat. Steve Osborne

 Oxaï Roura – “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)”/”Defying Gravity” Feat. Steve Osborne

Oxaï Roura – “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)”/”Defying Gravity” Feat. Steve Osborne – Singles Review

Consider me a fan of what Oxaï Roura is up to…his music might be largely indefinable due to the intense uniqueness of it all – but this is the exact kind of imagination in sound that keeps me awake at all hours.  How on earth does anyone get any sleep when there is music like this to be found & discovered?

Even to just describe it as merely music is pretty much leaving out half of the story – this is art, straight-up.  Oxaï Roura is an artist with a real vision and he’s clearly putting himself out there confidently & creatively in pursuit of bringing these ideas to their maximum potential.  Is it music for everyone out there?  No…I truly wish that it was.  What Oxaï brings to music is very much like art and going to be subjected to the fickleness of personal taste with quick reactions from the people out there; just like they would in seeing a painting or a sculpture, he’ll evoke a similar, instantaneous judgment from those that listen.  If you dig something entirely new and uncharted terrain in your music that explores the depths of a tangible vision – then brothers & sisters, check out what Oxaï Roura is doing because this is seriously some really cool stuff.  I’ll put it to you this way…in a language that those that really know their fringe-music and experimental stuff will completely understand – this is Kaada/Patton level of awesome.

Check out the first cut I experienced and you’ll get an idea of what you’re in for – this is a wild track called “Back From Sirius B (Nommo),” released at the top of the 2018.

Different though ain’t it?  And ain’t that a good thing?  Again, it’s my sincere hope that it connects with at least a few of you out there, because ingenuity, innovation and creativity like this needs that strong support of the people and to be encouraged.  Otherwise all we’ll get is top-40 garbage and a whole bunch of plastic songs sold in fancy packages…call me crazy but I’d take something like what Oxaï Roura is doing every day of the week before listening to a solitary minute of whatever’s on MTV these days, if they even still play music at all.  But you get the point – this is real…this is what the art in music sounds like when that becomes the focus, the goal & the mission.  Oxaï is seeking to combine otherworldly ideas with sounds that somehow mirror his intense imagination; an audible attempt to create music that resembles ‘dreams, outer space & parallel dimensions.’  Everyone’s gotta have a goal of some sort right?  The rad way he’s using his vocals in layers throughout “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)” is completely awesome to listen to.  It’s performed incredibly well and produced with a stunning ear, leading to a real clarity in the sound that enhances the uniqueness in what we hear.  There is little to no doubt whatsoever about the bizarreness of “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)” – but exploratory & experimental ideas are practically always meant to be.  In an environment like this where you’re expecting Oxaï Roura’s music to reach for the stars and into the galaxy with his ambitious ideas, even though you could never predict what it sounds like until you hear it for yourself, it’s also a great representation of exactly what he’s set out to create in his music & art.  Left to his own devices, it’s the vocals that do all of the work in the a-cappella performance on “Back From Sirius B (Nommo)” – and I felt like this was a seriously fantastic introduction & first impression of Roura’s music.  While it might not be anything like you’ve heard or experienced before…I can’t imagine how anyone would deny that what you’ll hear in this composition is really captivating to listen to, all performed with truly inspired insight & genuine skill.

The latest cut, “Defying Gravity” takes the adventures of Oxaï Roura even further, this time into his first collaboration with an artist from the USA, Steve Osborne, who handles the lyrical and vocal duties on this second single.  Billed as America+Europe 21: The Secret Alien Union – the themes in Oxaï’s music and ideas are explored more throughout “Defying Gravity” and the song as a whole is likely more accessible to a wider audience.  Don’t get me wrong – wider yes, still niche overall.  Nothing wrong with that and I’m sure an artist like Roura understands that going the artistic route with music is a tougher path to follow…again, some people are going to ‘get it’ and others won’t, that’s just the nature of the game when it comes to something listeners have yet to experience before, which is really what this is.  “Defying Gravity” has absolutely killer ideas happening in the atmosphere and percussion surrounding the defined chants that quickly become the most prominent element in the foreground.  Make sure to really give this one a close listen though…because the ideas that form the music are really insightful; there’s not a thing that’s typical about this composition, yet notice how captivating that sound really IS.  I really dig what Osborne brings to the mic – and around the forty-second mark of this tune, he finds himself in that darkly-poetic low-tone magic that makes the music of Tricky so amazing to listen to.  In other words – he sounds fantastic.  Through the slow-paced half-spoken/half-rap style with layers that thicken the sound, Osborne twists words with precision & style throughout “Defying Gravity” and does justice to the artistic atmosphere surrounding him through the music from Roura sounding spectacular and highly engaging the entire time.

What else can be said…I don’t expect everyone out there to ‘get it’ – but definitely give this a shot.  Artistic efforts always deserve your time of day and you never really know how you’ll respond to it until you hear it for yourself – this could be exactly what you’re looking for, right here, right now.  I’m absolutely stoked to hear where this whole project could go from here – Oxaï Roura has really got something unique goin’ on that is massively different than pretty much anything else out there right now and is definitely on a journey of musical exploration.  I certainly dig that – you should too.

Listen to “Defying Gravity” right here at YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oi_BTCgAJ4g

Find out more about Oxaï Roura from the official pages below!

ReverbNation:  http://www.reverbnation.com/oxaïroura

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/Oxaï-Roura-297324160521/

iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/equinox-pans-faya/453501733?i=453501748

YouTube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_-25Jw883ckOON9laqyKmA

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